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Hi! Nice to meet you,
I’m Hatch.

Setouchi Inlands…

there are a tranquil, beautiful sea and lots of unique islands; best of all, great surroundings to chill, relax and recharge yourself.

It’s not crowded like Tokyo or Kyoto, and you can find real Japanese countryside and the warmth of the friendly people here.

I’m Hatch. It’s been 5 years since I started to live with my partner (She’s a Takamatsu native.) in Takamatsu, Setouchi Islands.

Before moving here, I spent over 10 years living in Europe.

I’ve been exploring and learning about Setouchi islands since the day one, with the powerful help of my partner who was born in Takamatsu and spent most of her time on Setouchi islands.

I was born and grew up in Kyoto, surrounded by world cultural heritage sites.

Now, I’m living in Takamatsu surrounded by the Setouchi Islands.

I’m writing this blog to give you the tips of events and activities only the locals know. is not funded by any commercial company. I pay for all the foods, travel cost, hotels and so on.

18th of March, 2019