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The Retro Onsen Hotel for a short hot spring retreat in Kagawa

If you wanna soak in an outdoor natural onsen with an ocean view and refresh your mind or try locally caught fresh seafoods, Aji Kanko Hotel is a great place for a short onsen retreat.

Aji kanko hotel is located on the northernmost part of Shikoku, and it’s surrounded by mountains and a beautiful ocean.

The town of Aji is proud of one of the cleanest ocean waters and the most beautiful beaches in Kagawa.

A very famous Japanese film called “Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World” was shot in Aji because of the beautiful landscape and ocean here.

Aji is also famous for granite productions. So, you see all shapes of stones everywhere in the town.

The perfect location for a short onsen retreat

Aji Kanko Hotel is about 50 minutes away by bus from JR Takamatsu Station. The bus takes you from JR Takamatsu Station straight to the entrance of Aji Kanko Hotel.

If you are up for a short hot spring retreat and sightseeing in the northernmost coastal town of Shikoku, Aji Kanko Hotel offers great access from JR Takamatsu Station.

You are able to spend a night there, or the hotel also has a half-day plan to bathe in the natural hot spring and enjoy fresh seafoods at the hotel later in the day.

Let’s look at the details of what this hotel has to offer.

A Retro Japanese Onsen Hotel with an Ocean View

It’s only 50 minutes away by bus from JR Takamatsu Station, but the atmosphere of Aji town is completely different from the city centre.

The lobby at the reception

Aji Kanko Hotel opened in 1963 and it’s the oldest natural onsen hotel in Kagawa Prefecture.

Aji Kanko Hotel in Kagawa prefecture retains old features and you can discover many traditional artifacts everywhere in the hotel.

The view from the hotel

The hotel is situated up on the hill off the coast of Setouchi, facing the Seto Inland Sea. You can see over 20 islands in Setouchi from the hotel when the sky is clear.

From the rooms on the sea side, you can see smalls islands or ferries, tankers and fishing boats passing by.

I stayed in a room on the sea side, with a jacuzzi and a massage chair.

Jacuzzi and Sunset over the Seto Inland Sea

I bathed in the jacuzzi and enjoyed the sunset over the Seto Inland Sea, it was another unforgettable experience I had with the Setouchi region.

Every time I see sunset here, I always feel that Setouchi region has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Open Air Natural Hot Spring and A Beautiful View of The Seto Inland Sea

As far as I remember, the onsen here is open from 5 am to 9am in the morning; it’s open again from 5pm to 11pm.

So you can see both sunset and sunrise from the hot spring.

There are two types of onsens at this hotel. One with the outdoor onsen and another one without.

Male side and female side change everyday, so you can bath in the both onsens at night and in the morning the next day.

It’s absolutely beautiful to admire the sunset or sunrise from the outdoor Onsen and you can get a fresh & positive energy from it.

The corridor to the onsen entrance

This is the corridor to male and female baths, there are lots of traditional artifacts along the corridor. I really liked how this corridor looks, it feels like you are back in 60’s in Japan!

Please beware: Male side is indicated (男=Male) in blue and female side is (女=Female) in red.

Indoor Onsen

When I bathed in this indoor onsen, there was nobody there because it was around 10pm. So I could have this onsen only to myself.

Natural Onsen has various health benefits and healing properties. For example, it’s good for your skin, circulation and general health.

In particular, this natural onsen is good for high blood pressure, joint pain , arteriosclerosis, sore muscles, neuralgia and many more.

I was very tired because I cycled about 5 miles and walked around for 2 hours in the day time. I bathed in the natural onsen for 10 minutes, and my fatigue got blown away after the onesen.

A rest area for bathers

There are a lot of retro furniture, artifacts and lot of interesting old tools in this rest-area. There are some vending machines next to this area, you can buy some drinks and relax at this area.

Enjoy locally caught fresh seafoods at dinner

It looks like each portion is small but the whole meal made me completely full. It was good that I chose the smallest & humblest option.

There are more luxurious dinner options. If you are hungry, choose a different options like all you can eat fugu(blow fish) course or a grilled abalone course.

Fresh Sashimi

The sashimi includes shrimp, squid, sea bream, mackerel and young yellow tail.

Vegetable & fish tempura

They deep-fried tempura the moment I sat down at the table, so the tempura was very fresh and hot.

Udon suki with puffer fish

Udon Suki – a little hot pot with udon noodle and puffer fish. It usually comes with meat but I asked the hotel to replace the meat with something else.

If you are vegetarian, you can ask the hotel to take all the fish or meat out of the dish, I’m not sure if they can but it’s definitely worth asking.

If you have trouble asking, please do drop a line in the comment section.

Flaring Torches

During the dinner time, they light up the torches and it gives the dinner an extra romantic mood…

Beaches or a Fish Market

I went to the hotel in January, so there was no tourist hanging around at beach. But, in summer time, you can swim in the sea or play on the beach in front of the hotel.

There is a sunday fish market open for the public only from 8am to 9am. If you are interested, ask at the front and go there because it’s in a walking distance.

I like to see fish, but I didn’t make it as I overslept.

If you are interested in:

・Soaking in the outdoor natural onsen with a fantastic ocean view of the Seto Inland Sea, which is good for your skin, fatigue, blood circulation and general health.

・Locally caught fresh sea food

・A retro natural onsen hotel with lots of antique artifacts

・beautiful sunset, beaches and one of the cleanest ocean water in Kagawa.

And, if you are up for a short onsen retreat in northernmost town of Shikoku, it would be a great experience to visit Aji Kanko Hotel and spend a relaxing time there.

General Information

Website: Click here to jump to the page

Address: 〒761-0130 香川県高松市庵治町5494

How to get there: If you take a bus at Nr.7 stop in Takamatsu Bus Terminal, it will take you straight to the Aji Onsen Hotel in about 50 minutes.

Price: The price starts from 10,800 yen a night per person including dinner & Breakfast.

For example, I stayed in a room with a jacuzzi on the sea side including breakfast and dinner, it was about 27,000 Yen for two of us.

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