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A Quick Guide for Vegetarian Food in Takamatsu

When I travel abroad, I look forward to the local food of the country or the city a lot. It’s on the top of the list that I want and have to do during the travel abroad.

I believe it will be the same for most of you guys who love traveling.

But, if you’d get an issue with food, it’d be a big disappointment.

Are you vegetarian and do you wanna come to Takamatsu?

Japan is actually, a very meat intense country nowadays. So, it’s very hard to find a vegetarian restaurant in Japan. It’s even harder in country side like Takamatsu to find a vegetarian restaurant.

In order to live up to your satisfaction, I’ll provide a list for vegetarian foods or restaurants in Takamatsu and around on this article.

I live in Takamatsu and don’t eat meat: Pork, Chicken, Beef and Lamb. So, this article is based on my own experience.

Listed below are the restaurants I personally visited in Takamatsu.

Please note: I eat fish so, more specifically speaking, I’m pescatarian.

1. Thali Spice – Nepalese Curry Restaurant

The restaurant is above a Kiosk on the first floor (2nd floor in Japan).

Thali Spice is not specified in vegetarian meals but they have a vegetarian curry menu.

I usually don’t eat meat at all, so this restaurant is very helpful to me when I want to have authentic Indian & Nepalese curry in Takamatsu.

Vegetarian set

Mild & creamy yet slightly spicy curries, a fluffy naan , crispy salad, crunchy samosa and best of all, the very friendly Nepalese owner who speaks both Japanese and English.

I really like the atmosphere.

The vegetarian set menu usually comes with 3 different kinds of curry. Lentil curry, spinach curry and potato curry – and one big vegetarian Samosa filled with potato, salad and a massive naan.

You can choose one drink to go with the curry, I usually take either lassi or cold chai.

The price for all the dishes is only 1,280 Yen.

Nepali A Lunch Set

Napali A Set

Napali A Set comes with a rare black Daal beans curry, vegetable curry, 250gm of rice and green salad all for only 780 Yen.

And you can add a plain Lassi for 150 yen and Mango Lassi 180 Yen. It’s served only at the lunch time.

They also have a variety of Naans like cheese naan, chocolate naan and so try some if you are up for it!

General Information

Price: the vegetarian set menu is 1280 Yen, Nepali A Lunch set is 780 Yen in lunch time.

Address: 14-1, Tamachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa 760-0053

How to get there: The restaurant is located in the middle of Tamachi shopping arcade, it’s around 20 minutes walk from JR Takamatsu Station or 10 minutes by bike.

2, Ippuku Machinaka Ten – Sanuki Udon Restaurant

There are many Sanuki Udon Variations. But, when you order Sanuki Udon, it usually comes with fish based soup or fish based dipping sauce.

It seems like there is no option of Sanuki Udon for vegetarians.

But I live in Takamatsu and looked for a vegetarian option, and I found there is only one vegetarian option with Sanuki Udon.

Please note: Sanuki Udon restaurants are usually self-service restaurants.

Sanuki Udon for vegetarians at Ippuku

Shoyu udon is the only vegetarian option at Ippuku. Shoyu udon(Shoyu=Soy sauce) usually comes with cold udon noodle(made of only flour, water and salt). You can take/order some vegetable tempuras too if you want.

Free toppings at Ippuku

You can add some toppings like chopped springs onions, grated radish or a slice of lemon to add refreshing taste to it after check-out.

Toppings are usually placed behind a check-out register and usually free of charge. You can add as much as you want, but a sense of decency is needed.

Pour a bit of soy sauce(Shoyu)over the udon noodle. Mix them all up and enjoy the chewy texture of the Sanuki Udon and refreshing flavor of citrusy soy sauce.

The characteristic of “Ippuku” is that they make thin, chewy and elastic udon, which goes perfect with soy sauce.

I’ve written about Ippuku on this article, please check it if you wanna know about a bit of the history of Ippuku.

When you come to Takamatsu or Kagawa Prefecture, you have to try Sanuki Udon because it’s the soul food of the local people in Kagawa.

General Information

Price: Shoyu Udon(醤油うどん)is only 280 Yen, the toppings are free. Vegetable Tempuras are usually around 110 Yen each.

Website: Look at the menu of their Sanuki Udon here.

Address:〒760-0051 香川県高松市南新町8−3

How to get there: The restaurant is located also in the middle of Tamachi arcade close to Thali Spice, it’s around 15 minutes walk from JR Takamatsu Station or 8 minutes by bike.

3. OOTOYA(大戸屋)

OOTOYA is a popular restaurant chain that has more than 300 restaurants all over Japan. They serve traditional Japanese dishes that are usually made at home.

In Takamatsu, there are two branches; one in Marugame machi green, and the other one in you me town Takamatsu.

Ordering tablet at OOTOYA in English

For ordering, there are tablets at each table and you can choose languages among Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English.

I went to the OOTOYA at you me town Takamatsu.

Vegetarian dishes & how to order

For example, I had 3 different dished like in the video above. Slide the instagram video, and you’ll get the second video demonstrating how to order these dishes.

  • Sweet and sour vegetables with black vinegar sauce
  • Five grain rice with grated yam
  • Small bowl of gooey/sticky vegetables with hand-made tofu(If you don’t want egg York, please ask the waiter to leave it out.)

General Information

Address: you me town branch: 〒761-8072 香川県高松市三条町608−1

Address: Marugame machi branch: 〒760-0029 香川県高松市丸亀町8−23 丸亀町グリーン東館

Price: 1,000 yen – 1.999 yen.

4. Curry House CoCo Ichibanya Minami Shin machi

If you are a fan of Japanese style curry or if you want to try a Japanese style curry, Curry House COCO ICHIBANYA offers a variety of vegetarian options.

Japanese style curry is completely different from Indian curry or Thai curry.

It’s the largest Japanese style curry restaurant chain with over 1300 branches in Japan, and over 170 branches internationally.

Of course, there is one branch in the city centre of Takamatsu.

As you can see in the picture below, there is a wide selection of vegetarian curries with plant based curry base and different plant based toppings.

Vegetarian Curry menu at CoCo Ichi

This chain restaurant is called COCO ICHI or CoCo ICHIBAN.

For example, toppings include eggplant, spinach, okra, natto(fermented beans) ,tomato, Japanese yam, corns and may more.

Vegetarian curry with okra and grated yam

General Information

Address: 〒760-0055 香川県高松市南新町9−1

Price: 500 yen – 1.200 yen.

In countryside like Kagawa prefecture, it’s very hard to find a restaurant that offers vegetarian meals. I’m on the constant lookout for other restaurants that offer vegetarian meals or options.

I’ll add more restaurants when I find new vegetarian restaurants.

If you have any specific foods you are after, or if you are having trouble finding a vegetarian or vegan food where you are planning to stay in Takamatsu or Setouchi Islands, please let me know!

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