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Hiramatsu Chaya Cafe on Miyajima

Discover one of the best views hidden on the trail of Mount Misen on Miyajima, overlooking Itsukushima Shrine, Senjokaku, a 5 storied pagoda and Torii Gate.

Hiramatsu Chaya Cafe is located on a small hill on the trail between Daisho-in temple and Momijidani Park.

The cafe has been here over 200 years according to the owner.

It’s said that the former& current Japanese emperors visited this place and enjoyed the panoramic view.

If you don’t know about the cafe in advance, you wouldn’t usually find this place as it’s tucked away.

The entrance of the cafe

When I went there at the end of November, I happened to walk on this trail and found this cafe.

Please remember to tell them that you’re a customer and you want to order something before taking pictures of the views because it’s a private property.

There is a reason why I say this is the best view.The hill of the cafe is situated as high as it should be.

The angle for the view is also great.

And your eyes can catch all the important sites:Itsukushima Shrine, Senjokaku, Torii Gate and the 5 storied pagoda from the cafe.

However, it’s difficult to see it as clearly here as it is from other points on the Mount Misen.

View from Hiramatsu Chaya Cafe

That’s why I’m recommending you to visit the cafe and enjoy a glass of beer or a cup of green tea/matcha.

Matcha and Momiji Manju

Match Green tea and Momiji Manju with one of the best views on Miyajima.

*(Momiji Manju is a maple leaf shaped cake filled with sweet red beans and it’s a local specialty)

The beautiful view makes your drink 3 times as delicious.

The cafe and Autumn foliage

In autumn, you can enjoy autumn foliage too. The cafe is full of entertainment.

In the spring, you can enjoy cherry blossoms here. I’d like to come back in the next spring.

Anago-don and a glass of Kirin Ichiban Beer with the view.

If you are hungry, they also have foods to serve and you can have meals here too.

Their popular dish is Anago-don. Anago-don is marinated&grilled conger eel on a bowl of steamed rice.

The cafe is situated on a hill of the Mount Misen, you must be very tired by the time you are up there and that makes the meal twice as delicious!

This is the view that our current&previous emperors enjoyed. It was a little bit sad that I had to leave this beautiful view…

A deer in the Hiramatsu Chaya cafe.

When I was leaving the cafe, a deer came out of nowhere from the mountain.

I love encountering deer on Miyajima.

You get to see  lovely deer pretty much everywhere on the island, it definitely adds a great charms to this island.

General Information

Opening hours:Open everyday but the hours when it opens and closes are not fixed. Opening time is apparently very spontaneous.

(I’ll ask about the opening time next time when I go there.)


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