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If you’re looking for a reasonable hotel near JR Okayama Station, Hotel Abest Grande Okayma is a great option for you.

Not only do they have a hotel section but also they have a new style capsule hotel section on a different floor.

This hotel has everything you’d need inside…

There is a big public bath/onsen and gym in the hotel. The hotel itself is on the 6th floor of a department store called Icot Nicot.

Icot Nicot is a brand new department store or a commercial complex that opened in December 2018.

Therefore, there are many restaurants, cafes, a supermarket, and even a massive stylish bookstore inside the hotel building.


It’s only a 5 minutes walk from JR Okayama station. It’s even connected through a shopping underpass to JR Okayama Station.

They don’t have dinner service. However, as I said, there are lots of shops, cafes and restaurants inside the department store, and hundreds of other shops & restaurants outside within a 5 minutes walk from the hotel.

The Super Market in the underground

There is a supermarket in the underground of the hotel and there’s even a stylish bookstore called Tsutaya Book Store with a cafe/bakery on the same floor.

Tsutaya Book Store

This bookstore is open until 10pm, so you can chill and enjoy drinks whilst reading books there till late at night. Plus you can go straight up to your room without getting out of the building.

Onsen – Public Bath in the hotel

There are a couple of large tubs and a sauna in the public bath.

The good thing is that this public bath is open from 3pm to 1am and from 6am to 9:30am. So you can enjoy the spacious public bath twice at night and in the morning before checking out.

GYM in the hotel

If you are staying at this hotel, you can use the gym for free.

If you are fanatic about training, obviously this gym wouldn’t be good enough for you. But at least, there are the basic equipments for training.

You can burn the carb you took during the trip, and then take a bath in the public bath to refresh yourself.

Hotel Room

This is the standard double room I’ve stayed at. It wasn’t that spacious but if you just want to relax and sleep in the room, it’s enough. You have lots of other places to spend your time inside the hotel.

Plus their bed was of very high quality, it was very comfortable to sleep on the bed.

Capsule Hotel Room

The capsule hotel in this hotel is a little bit different from what you’d expect. You’ve got a little cabin room where you can close the door but you can’t lock.

Male & Female sections are separate, and you need a security card to get into each section.You have a safe in the cabin and you can also use the public bath too.


To be honest with you, breakfast here isn’t anything special. It wasn’t bad though. I’m not saying it’s bad but you won’t be amazed by the quality. You get what I mean.

What’s good about their breakfast is they have some local dishes which you wouldn’t be able to find in a hotel like this.

And if you have enough of rice, rice, and more rice after the flood of rice dishes, don’t worry they serve western style breakfast like breads and cereals.

Booking & General Information

Address: 〒700-0023 岡山県岡山市北区駅前町1丁目8−5

Price: Starting from 3800 yen for a capsule hotel room without break fast and 5100 yen with breakfast. Starting from around 10,000 yen for double room with breakfast included.

Booking: Click here to book your room at Hotel Abest Grande Okayama.

Hotel Abest Grande Okayama has a massive public bath, a gym and even a new style capsule hotel, and it’s in a department store.

If you are on a limited budget and looking for a reasonable hotel within 5 minutes from JR Okayama station, this hotel may be the one for you.

Popular tourist destinations like Okayama Castle and Korakuen Garden are a 15minutes walk away or 5 minutes by street car.

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