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Best Hotels for Ogijima and Megijima

Do you have a plan to visit Ogjjima island(男木島) or Megjjima island (女木島)in Kagawa in the near future?

If so, there are several guest houses and traditional inns on the islands. But there are no hotels on both islands.

Do you prefer Adventure on islands or City Comfort?

Some people want to stay longer on the islands to explore deeper and eat the local foods harvested and caught at the islands or interact more with locals.

Others want to stay in the comfort of city having a supermarket, convenience store and restaurants around you or sleep on a comfy bed and have a dip in a hot bath /Onsen in the hotel…

Everyone has a different taste and need, there is no doubt about it.

So, I’ll show you 3 different options for your accommodation when visiting Ogijima and Megijima, depending on your taste and need.

1:Gueshouses on Megijima

Megijima is only 20 minutes away by ferry from Takamatsu port. There are only about 170 residents living on the island.

For Kagawa locals, this island is famous for the ogre cave that’s a nationally popular fairy tale called Momotaro.

And it’s also famous for one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Kagawa Prefecture. It’s a very popular spot for swimming in summer.

You can swim there in August, remember to bring your swim wear if you want to have a dip in the sea there.

For more information on Megijima, please click her to read my post about Megijima.

Here are the list of the guest houses on Megijima.

1:Megino – Guesthouse

Megino is a brand new guesthouse that opened in 2019 right before the opening of Setouchi Triennale 2019.

This guest house is located right in front of the white sand beach.

The great thing about this guest house is that you can use the kitchen and cook dinner with the owner and other guests.

It’s got a homey and friendly atmosphere.

They can prepare vegetarian or vegan meals if you have any dietary restriction.

So tell them in advance if you are vegetarian or vegan.

You can enjoy a fantastic view anywhere from the guesthouse and relax to the sound of gentle ripples that keep coming and going from the Seto Inland Sea.

From the patio, from the bed room, from the rooftop, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Takamatsu and Yashima, another popular destination in Takamatsu.

Price: Starting from 4000 yen for a night per person, dinner: 1500 yen, breakfast:500 yen. You usually cook dinner together with the owner and eat together with the staff and other guests.

If you like to interact with the locals or other travelers, this guesthouse would be a perfect place for you.

How to book: Megino is registered on, so you can book your room in your own language on Please click here to see more about Megino on


UMIYADO Kishun is a guesthouse that’s also located right in front of the white sand beach. It’s not registered on or any other hotel booking sites.

So the only way to make a reservation here is by calling them in Japanese. It’s a very traditional guesthouse run by a local owner.

The owner used to work as a chef in a traditional Japanese restaurant, so lots of people say his seafood dishes are amazing.

And as you expect, he uses fresh fish caught at the local sea!

Price: 8000 yen per night with 2 meals per person.

How to book: You can call to this number: 087-873-0880 or you can leave a message on their facebook page.

3:Megijima Beach Apartment

Megijima Beach Apartment is a beautifully refurbished apartment that is also located right in front of the white sand beach.

There are 5 different rooms. You can rent one room or you can rent out the whole apartment for a group of up to 13 people.

There’s no dinner service but they can serve a breakfast if you order in advance.

So if you want to cook yourself in the shared kitchen or do BBQ outside, this is the perfect choice for you.

Price: Starting from 16,000 yen for one room. 100,000 yen to rent out the whole apartment, 130,000 yen to rent out in summer.

How to book: you can check the availability and book a room only on their website. Click here to jump to their website(only in Japanese). Or you can leave a message on their Facebook page here .

Guesthouses in Ogijima

Ogijima island is 35 minutes away by ferry from Takamatsu Port, and it’s only 15 minutes from Megijima island.

You take the same ferry as you go to Megjijima island.

As you can see in the picture above, the residential area is located on a hilly slope. And the island features lots of small alleys that makes the island a little bit like a maze.

Like Megijima, Ogijima has only about 170 residents but they keep getting a lot of new families from different parts of Japan.

These new families opened new businesses on the island such as a cafe, bakery, hair-salon and restaurants bringing freshness and uniqueness to this small island off Takamatsu.

Let’s see the guesthouses and inns on Ogijima.

1: Minshuku Sakura(民宿さくら)

Minshuku Sakura or Ryousi no Yado Minshuku Sakura is a guesthouse run by a local octopus fisherman couple.

Ogijima is famous for octopus fishing, hence, this guesthouse is also famous for octopus rice called Taco Meshi(タコ飯). A lot of people fell in love with this cherry blossom colored octopus rice or Tako Meshi in Japanese.

It’s one of the most famous guesthouses on the island because they appeared on a popular TV program called Jinsei-no-Rakuen in 2018.

I got to to know it through this TV program!

The owner couple is friendly and their food is also the reason why it’s the most popular guesthouse on the island.

A room with tatami mattresses at Sakura

The price is 6500 yen for a person a night including 2 meals.It’s 3500 yen if you don’t want any meals but there is no supermarket on the island.

A room with beds at Sakura

How to book: If you want to book a room, click here to book your room at Minshuku Sakura.

The page is all in Japanese and if you don’t speak or understand Japanese, it could be very difficult to book a room.

If you need a help, I can help you book a room, so leave your questions or requests in the comment box below so I can get back to you and find out the solution.

2: Doh-Joh(道場)- Temple Guesthouse

Doh-Joh is the only one temple in Ogijima and you can also stay in here as a guest at an unbelievably low price.

The house doesn’t look like a temple but the owner is a Buddhist priest.

This is a guesthouse with no frills. Staying one night at this guesthouse is only 2,000 yen and even if you ask for 2 meals, it’s an unbelievably low price of 4,500 yen.

Full of local ingredients

They mainly use vegetables grown on the island and fish caught locally for their meals. The meals are all house made, so if you wanna try a local dish, Doh-Joh is a great place to stay.

As with other guesthouses on the island, the view on the Seto inland sea is stunning.Especially at sunset, it will be well worth the visit to this tiny island!

Price: whopping 2000 yen per night with no meals, 4500 yen per night with 2 meals.

How to book: The only way to book is to call this number in Japanese: 090-3996-5366.


Dorima-no-Ue is a nature-oriented cafe, restaurant and a traditional inn.

The owner transformed an over 100 year’s old traditional Japanese house into the current one and she keeps renovating it now too.

They have own gardens on the island and grow organic vegetables and fruits as well as herbs 100% pesticide&fertilizer free.

The great thing about this place is that they serve local traditional dishes at the restaurant.

And of course they use seasonal, fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits harvested from the garden and fish caught in the sea around the island.

They offer lots of workshops where you can learn natural ways of traditional living in Japan such as making tofu with sea water, picking seasonal fruits and dying fabrics…

If you want to experience a traditional way of Japanese life, Dorima-no-Ue is a go-to place.

Please bear in mind there’s no air conditioner.

The great news for vegetarians and vegans is that they can serve vegetarian/vegan meals as well, if you tell them in advance.

How to book:Click here to contact the owner. See at the end of the page, there is some English explanation.

4:Minshuku Marimo Soh(民宿まりも荘)

Marimo-Soh is a guesthouse just 30 seconds from the seaport. The first floor is a guesthouse area and the ground floor is the restaurant space.

They serve fresh seasonal seafood they get from local fishermen.Other than that, there is not much information on this guesthouse. You can book your room only in Japanese and call them.

Price: 3000 yen a night per person, dinner:1000 yen, breakfast:500yen

How to book: Call 090-8283-9706 or click here to leave a message on their facebook page.

Note: It’s closed on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

5:Minshuku Madoka(民宿まどか)

Minshuku Madoka has two functions such as restaurant and guesthouse.

This guesthouse is located on a hill, and it has a fantastic view onto the sea from the guesthouse both on a sunny day and at sunset.

Minshuku Madoka is also famous for fish dishes using local seafoods caught in front of the island.

Price: 5000 yen a night with no meal, 6500 yen a night with breakfast; 7500 yen with two meals.

How to book: Call 087-873-0703 in Japanese or click here to leave a message here in Japanese.

Hotels near Takamatsu port

If you don’t feel like staying at a guesthouse on island and you’d prefer to stay in a hotel in the comfort of city, these two hotels are perfect in terms of location and convenience.

I’ve stayed at these two hotels myself.

1: JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu

JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu is a rare 4 star hotel in Takamatsu. The hotel is on the opposite side of Takamatsu Port across a road. And, it’s also in front of JR Takamatsu station.

It takes a couple of minutes by walk to to get to both Takamatsu Port and JR Takamatsu Station.

There are a couple of 7-eleven convenience stores, a supermarket and plenty of restaurants all within a 10 minutes walk.

There is a sky bar on 21st floor and you can see the panorama of the Seto Inland Sea.

And this hotel is one of the rare 4 star hotels in Takamatsu and you have pretty much everything inside the hotel.

If you are coming from Takamatsu airport, the airport shuttle bus terminates and stops right in front of this hotel.

Price: Starting from 12,000 yen a night.

How to book: Click here to see more about JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu.

2: JR Hotel Clement Inn Takamatsu

Located right next to JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu, JR Takamatsu Clement Inn is a sister hotel of JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu.

In a nutshell, this hotel is more reasonable and more for somebody on a limited budget.

Location wise, it’s the same as JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu.

It’s only a few minutes walk to both Takamatsu Port and JR Takamatsu Station. Therefore, you can use this hotel as a hub to travel around Takamatsu.

What I like about this hotel is that they have an Onsen/public bath on the top floor overlooking the Seto Inland Sea and Takamatsu Castle.

It’s so nice and beautiful to soak in this onsen and enjoy either sunrise or sunset whilst staying in this hotel.

Price: Starting from 10,000 yen a night.

How to book: Click here to book your room at JR Clement Inn

Did you find your favorite hotel or guesthouse ?

Whether staying on islands or near Takamatsu Port, both options have advantage. It’s just up to you and what you like.

I wish you have a great stay on Ogijima and Megijima.If you have any questions or requests, please leave them in the comment box below. I’ll try to answer as fast as I can.

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