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Jr Clement Inn Takamatsu – the best location for Setouchi Triennale 2019 on a limited budget.

If you are coming to Takamatsu for Setouchi Triennale 2019 on a limited budget, this hotel is perfect for you.

And the great thing is this hotel has an Onsen with a great view of the Seto Inland Sea and Takamatsu Castle.

JR Takamatsu Clement Inn is situated right in front of JR Takamatsu Station and right opposite of the Takamatsu Port, all within 3 minutes walk.

A Perfect Location for Islands hopping

You can literally catch your ferry in a minute or two from the hotel.

Because this hotel is located on the opposite side of Takamatsu Port within a couple of minutes walk distance, you can get the most of your limited time to visit as many islands as possible during Setouchi Triennale 2019 – International art festival.

You can go to Ogijima Island, Megijima Island, Shodoshima Island and Naoshima Island or even Uno port in Okayama prefecture from Takamatsu Port, all within one hour.

If you wanna see a big city around Setouchi, you can board the jumbo ferry and it takes you to Kobe within 4-5 hours.

Great Location for visiting popular sightseeing Spots in Kagawa Prefecture

With the fantastic location in Takamatsu, JR Clement Inn Takamatsu hotel has fantastic access to visit all the touristic places in Takamatsu.

Takamatsu Castle is just on the opposite side and you can even see it from the hotel.

It’s easy to visit Ritsurin Garden, Kotohira-Gu Shrine and even Marugame Castle.

Enjoy the Sunset & Sunrise from the Onsen

The View of the Seto Inland Sea and Takamatsu Castle from the Onsen on top floor is absolutely stunning.

One thing that is slightly disappointing is that window glass is slightly frosted apparently to protect bathers from being seen , so the view looks a little bit blurred.

But the relief is that there is an openable window at the very left.

So if you wanna enjoy the sunset or sunrise conformably, keep the left window open and enjoy the beautiful sunset&sunrise.

The Inside of the Hotel

There is a space at the reception where local artifacts are displayed. There is a free coffee machine here too.

The Inside of the Double Room

I stayed in a double room when I stayed at the hotel. The room had a cozy double bed, a uni bath, small sofa, work table and a flat screen TV.

There was also a humidifier in the room, so I didn’t need to worry about dry air, which is typical for a hotel room with an air conditioner.

You have all the necessary amenities for staying over: Tooth brush, hair brush, razor and slippers.

There are lots of restaurants and convenience stores nearby

This hotel doesn’t have a dining space for dinner&breakfast. Instead, they have an Izakaya(Japanese Pub) Style Restaurant and a chain Italian cafe&Bar called “Pront” on the ground floor.

They have 2 breakfast options: Japanese and Western at the two restaurants on the ground floor.

I had the western style breakfast and it was only 500 Yen. But it was the 500 Yen Quality, so I don’t recommend the breakfast here.

If you would like the Japanese breakfast option, it wouldn’t be that bad I guess.

Plus there are lots of dining opportunities or many grocery stores within a walking distance around JR Takamatsu Station.

To wrap it up, if you want to visit as many islands as possible for Setouchi Triennale 2019 or islands hopping and have a nice hotel on a limited budget, I’d recommend JR Crement Inn Takamatsu.

General Information

Website: Click here to book your room at JR Clement Inn

Address: 〒760-0011 香川県高松市浜ノ町 1 Please click here for Google Map

Price: Starting from around 10,000 Yen (about 90USD)

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