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Megijima a.k.a. Ogre Island

If you are looking for a peaceful, tranquil, remote island full of nature and beach to chill…. Megijima island is a great place to visit and you need only half a day to explore the whole island!

Megijima is the closest island from Takamatsu Port, and it takes only 20 mins by ferry to reach to the island.

The main destination in Megijima for Japanese tourists would definitely be the “Orge Cave”.

What is Ogre Cave?

“Ogre Cave” appears in a folklore tale called Momotaro.(桃太郎)

Momotaro is one of the most popular tales in Japan and pretty much every Japanese person has watched the anime or read the book in their childhood.

So Japanese tourists love to visit the real ogre cave that they have seen in their childhood.

Straight to the point, let’s get started with the travel details!

Where to buy a ferry Ticket

At takamatsu port,(高松港)there are several piers to go to different islands dotted on the Seto inland sea, so make sure you find the right ferry to go to Megijima.

First you have to find the ticket office near pier 1 at Takamatsu port. The counter is located outside and it’s very small.

Then find a small ferry called ‘Meon (めおん)‘ like the one below.

Ferry Tickets to Megijima

Megi Port(女木港)

Once you land on Megijima island, there is a ferry terminal/waiting area right in front of the dock.

Go into The Ferry Terminal First!

Go in the terminal; there is an information desk, so ask for a free island map there; you can also buy bus tickets here if you want to.

There is a small diner in the terminal, they serve up some decent, generous portions of Sanuki udon noodle or Japanese curry rice. The prices are quite reasonable – between 300-650 yen per bowl.

This bus takes you to the World of Hayao Miyazaki

Inside the bus, it feels like as if you were in the countryside of  “My Neighbor Totoro” by Hayao Miyazaki. Or, it feels like back in the countryside of 50s in Japan if you don’t know about the film.

This is the old-fashioned or, I’d rather say, abandoned-looking bus taking you to the cave,  it’s a part of the charm of this island.

Price: It’s 800 yen for a return ticket for adult and 400 yen for kids at the age of 5 and over.

It takes only 8 minutes to drive up to the stop near the ogre cave, the scenery from the bus is amazing.

Or do you want to hike?

It would take 30mins to 1 hour depending on how fast you walk but it will be a beautiful hike all the way up on the long and winding road to the cave.

Cherry blossoms along the road/trail

In the spring time,  there are thousands of cherry trees in full bloom along the road. So when you come to Megijima in Spring time, it would be nice to hike all the way up!

At the top of the mountain in spring

The one and only bus stop in the mountain to the “Ogre Cave” and you will be welcomed by lots of ogres!

Once you arrive at the last stop, you will be welcomed by lots of ogre statues.

Here is a large ogre statue

From the stop, just walk up the stairs and you will find the entrance of the cave.

A popular song based on the Momotaro Tale

A very popular female Japanese singer called “Suiyoubi no Campanerura”(水曜日のカンパネラ)released a song fashioned after Momotaro.

Check it out!  The song is very popular among the younger generation.

This is the entrance of the “Ogre Cave”

You need to get a ticket from the ticket machine in the hut right next to the cave’s entrance.

Admission Fee: It’s 500 Yen for adults, and 250 Yen for kids.

If you come by bus, you’ll automatically have a Japanese guide.

Please note: The guide has only about hour to finish the tour, and have to make it in time for the departure of the bus back to the sea port.

So the tour goes super quick… I’d recommend you to go into the cave alone if you want to take your time to enjoy the cave….

Time to explore the cave !

The cave is 400m long and 4000㎡: it’s a huge, deep, long and winding and chilled space to explore.

Watch your head when entering the cave and also while proceeding in the cave!

The guide explains about the history of the cave!

The exit of the cave

Off to the top of the mountain and the Washigamine observation deck.

After the Ogre Cave, there is a sign to show you the way to the top of the mountain, walk up the hill there and it won’t take more than 10 mins to reach the top of the mountain.

There you are, 186m(610 feet) above sea level.

When the sky is clear, you can see neighboring islands including Naoshima(直島), Ogijima (男木島)and also Takamatsu city where you came from today.

One tall building you can see across the sea is Sunport Takamatsu – one of the highest buildings in Takamatsu.

Observatory Deck on top of the mountain

Don’t miss the bus coz there are few of them!

If you want to take a bus back to the port, I advise you to check the departure time because there is a very limited service.

  1. 9:05 am (back to the port)
  2. 11:05 am (back to the port)
  3. 13:05 pm (back to the port)
  4. 15:05 pm (back to the port)
  5. 17:00 pm (back to the port)

As soon as you arrive at the port, your ferry should be at the dock and you have only 5 mins before the ferry leaves the port.


Other things to do in Megijima.

Megijima is one of the main venues of Setouchi-triennale international art festival that takes place every 3 years.

During the festival, the island is packed with visitors from all over the world. Here, you can find the link to Setouchi-triennale.

Rent a bike and explore the island!

You can rent a bike at the ferry terminal, you can go on a normal bike or an electric one.

You may need only 2 hours to cycle around the island and get to see pretty much everything on the island, it’s lovely and beautiful to bike along the coast, enjoying a fresh sea breeze from the ocean.

I’ve personally never done this on Megijima but there are some camping sites and some fishing spots too. if you are seriously after camping or fishing on Megijima, leave me a message in the comment section below ….)

Swimming or chilling at the beach is also nice and beautiful.

Megijima is famous for one of the cleanest beaches in the prefecture.

White Sandy beach in Megijima

In summer time, the beach is open for a swim and there are some food vendors and beach houses along the beach that are selling typical Japanese summer matsuri(festival)foods and sweets.

Take your swimming wear with you and make sure that the beach is open if you want to swim in the beach… or leave me a message and let me check if you can swim when you come to Megijima.

Don’t miss your last ferry!!

In the summer time and in the time of Setouchi trienniale, the ferry often gets so crowded even if you are in time for the departure; you mightn’t be able to board the ferry as it will be super packed.

Therefore, try to wait in line 20-30 minutes before the departure to continue a pleasant journey.

There could be so many people lining up to get on the ferry and the ferry takes passengers from Ogijima, the other island too!

General information:

Ferry Tickets: 370yen for a single trip, 740yen for a return for adults

Bus ticket to ogre cave: 800 yen for a return ticket for adults, 400 yen for kids.

Ogre Cave Admission: 500 yen for adults and 250 yen for kids.

Hotels in Megijima and near Takamatsu Port:

Megijima Beach Apartment :

Megijima Beach Apartment is a decent apartment style hotel. It’s all in Japanese and if you have any problems making reservations. Please leave a message in a comment section below.

JR Hotel Crement Takamatsu :

JR Hotel Crement Takamatsu is located between the Takamatsu Port and Takamatsu station, it’s got the best access and it’s one of the nicest hotels in Takamatsu.

It’s got a Simmons mattress, one of the finest beds. So it gives you a nice cozy sleep to recover from your trip.

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