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Hotel New KOTOBUKI: A Very Hospitable Hotel With a Private Bathtub&Banquet Hall to chill and relax

Miyajima Hotel New Kotobuki is a mixture of hotel and ryokan.It’s run by an owner couple who are so hospitable, polite and lovely.

The hotel opened in 1952, so it’s old. But it’s very clean and well maintained.

The husband was born and grew up on Miyajima and the wife isn’t from Miyajima apparently but has been there for quite a long time like 30-40 years too.

So they are very knowledgeable about the history of Miyajima. You can ask them about whatever it is about Miyajima.

The Street Where The Hotel Stands

Location wise, Miyajima Hotel New Kotobuki is perfect. It’s just 5-7 minute walk from the ferry port, only 1 minute from the main shopping street.

And 5 minutes to 5 storied pagoda and Senjokaku as you can see in the picture above, and 7 minutes to Itsukushima Shrine.

Pretty much all the famous landmarks are within a 10 minute walk.

The hotel doesn’t offer dinner or breakfast service whilst they do offer free drinks and morning light snack in the banquet hall on the ground floor.

But there are bunch of cafes, shops and restaurants within 5 minutes, you wouldn’t have any problems at all to find your place for dinner or breakfast.

2 Private Baths

One of the charms of this hotel is they have two private baths apart from your own bath in your room.

You may have issues bathing in a public bath in Japan like having tattoos on your body or sharing the same bath naked with strangers.

But, if you tell them that you want to use the private bath privately in advance, you can use the private bath only with your family or friends, even with your partner for a certain period of time.

There’s no need to care about somebody else in there.

Big Private Bath Tub

Its always nice to have a big bath only to yourself in your privacy… And it’s free.

Twin Room – The Room I Stayed In

It’s usually very hard to find a hotel room on Miyajima island especially when it’s a high season. Miyajima Hotel New Kotobuki is one of the hotels that I happened to find because somebody else cancelled this room.

I was very lucky that I ended up staying here and got to know a nice&cozy hotel like this.

They have both futon bed rooms and western bed rooms.It was very comfortable and cozy to sleep on this bed.

Little Hori Kotatsu

Kotatsu is a low table with a heating source underneath it. It’ usually covered with a heavy blanket inbetween to keep the warmth inside the Kotatsu. In old times, we used charcoal fire as a heating source….

Hori Kotatsu is a Kotatsu with a ditch, and it’s as if you are sitting on a chair because of the ditch. Hori(堀) means ditch.

Kotatsu Ditch

It was at the beginning of November when I stayed in this room.It wasn’t that cold, so it wasn’t prepared.

If you haven’t used Kotatsu or Hori Kotatsu, it would be a good experience. I don’t think there are many hotels that have Kotatsu in its rooms.

Banquet Hall – Place To Chill And Relax

There is a large communal area on the ground floor called “Banquet Hall”.

There is a long table, a large couch, an electric massage chair and even a fire place.

Little Library

They have a little library with lots of books about the history of Hiroshima and Miyajima.If you are interested in the history of Hiroshima and Miyajima, come down here to read more about the history.

The books are mainly in Japanese.

Fire Place

They use firewoods from the mountain behind.It’s always nice to feel warmth by a fire place.

Home-Made Bayberry Wine using wild bayberry from Miyajima

They offer this home-made bay berry wine made of wild bay berries that grow on the mountain of Miyajima for free.

I wanted to try it but I realized that they have this in the banquet hall in the morning. I was going to hike up the Mt Misen, but it was a little bit too late for me to try. I’ll try it next time when I stay at the hotel.

Complimentary Little Snacks for breakfast

They don’t have breakfast on the premise but they prepare this complimentary little snack in the banquet hall.

If you have forgotten buying some food for breakfast, you always have this complimentary snack and shops will open around 9am on the island.

The only downside for you might be you have to pay in cash, which is quite common in a traditional hotel in Japan.

General Information

Address: 〒739-0553 広島県廿日市市宮島町中之町表515

Price: Starting from around 20,000 yen for a twin room.

Booking: To check the availability, click the image below.

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