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Miyajima Mori No Yado Hotel

Miyajima Nori No Yado is located inside the Omoto Park(大元公園), which is one of the best spots for cherry blossom/Sakura in Miyajima.

Omoto Park is beautiful in the autumn at the time of autumn leaves, plus the hotel isn’t as expensive as other hotels on Miyajima.

So, if you are on a limited budget and love to see cherry blossom or autumn leaves, this hotel will be a great match for you.

Usually, there are lots of deer in and around Omoto Park. TThe combination of deer and cherry blossoms is so special with the sea in the background.

A hiking trail to the top of the Mt Misen starts from here too.

I’ve personally stayed at this hotel 3 or 4 times.Anyway, let’s see what Miyajima Mori No Yado has to offer.

Japanese Style Inn(Ryokan=旅館)

There are usually a lot of deer on the ground in front of the hotel entrance.

To me, it feels like a hotel you stayed at on a school trip, so it’s a bit nostalgic and reminiscent of your school time for Japanese people.

Actually, they sometime have a group of students for their school trip. It feels as I felt and you can experience what staying at a school trip hotel is like.

A very spacious lobby

There are vending machines, seats, sofas and even a souvenir shop in the lobby. You have plenty of space to chill and relax.


There are two types of rooms: Western room or Japanese room.

If you are tired of sleeping on futon mattress, I’d recommend you to choose a western style room as many Westerners prefer to do so.

I don’t have an issue sleeping on futon bed but if you aren’t used to it, it may be uncomfortable to sleep on futon mattress.

You have pretty much everything you need such as a small fridge, TV, a desk, closet and a bathroom/bathtub. There is also a souvenir shop at the reception, so you can buy small snacks and drinks there if you need.

As of June 2019, there was no WIFI. If you need Internet, I’d recommend you to rent a pocket WIFI at the airport or so as many other foreign travelers do so.

But think about it, getting yourself offline gives you a great time off to ponder important things in your life.


These are the pictures of breakfast. They serve a typical Japanese breakfast and the quality is very high in comparison to the price.

I didn’t have dinner because I don’t like to overeat with 3 heavy meals a day whilst on travel. So I sometimes skip dinner or take a light dinner.

I saw what they serve for dinner and they seem to be pretty delicious with different kinds of local dishes using local produce and seafood.

For Vegetarians and Vegans

If you are vegetarian or vegan, the kitchen can prepare a vegetarian/vegan meal for you. So inform them of what you can’t eat clearly including fish stock/Dashi.

For example, the tricky thing is most of miso soups in Japan include fish stock/bonito flake or dried sardine, so be careful about it.

Public Bath

Apart from a bathtub in your room, there is a big public bath on the ground floor. It’s relaxing to bathe in a big tub like this and it’s a must for Japanese people.

It may be hot if you’re not used to Japanese bath but this is how we bathe in Japan!


The hotel is located bit far away from the Miyajima port. It may take 20-30 minutes by walk to the hotel. But, there is a pick-up service, therefore there is no need to worry about the distance.

You just have to tell them when to arrive at the Miyajima Port and they will come pick you up with you not having to worry about carrying heavy luggages all along the way to the hotel.

Even if you’d like to walk, there are lots of cultural heritages and souvenir shops as well as restaurants along the way, so you will always be entertained.

In autumn or winter, it gets dark early. If you visit Itsukushima Shrine close to the closing hour, you can see the great Tori Gate like this on the way back to the hotel.

Not many tourists come to this side, so it would give you an opportunity to enjoy the great Tori Gate from a different angle.

Miyajima Public Aquarium

If you like sea creatures or fish, Miyajima Public Aquarium is 10 seconds from Miyajima Mori No Yado.

There are all kinds of local fish and sea creatures including whales of the Seto Inland Sea that you can find in the Seto Inland Sea.

If you come with your kids, they will love it as fish lovers like me loved it!

This is the website of Miyajima Public Aquarium.


Miyajima can be fully booked on busy days like national holidays or golden week. I advise you to check available rooms well in advance. Click here for reservation or check out Miyajima Mori No Yado.

General Information

Note: If you are after cherry blossom or autumn leaves on a limited budget or you are looking for a reasonable hotel on Miyajima, this hotel can be the one for you.

Address: 〒739-0588 広島県廿日市市宮島町西大西町 大元公園内 

Price: Starting from 12,000 yen for two including breakfast, or 23,000yen for two including 2 meals.

Please find out more about the details by jumping to Miyajima Mori No Yado booking page.

Miyajima is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan and worldwide.

So the price rate is always different depending on different seasons. I advise you to check the price and the availability well in advance.

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