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Night Cruise on Miyajima with Aqua Net

Did you know you can cruise under the Torii Gate at night?

You can go under the Great Torii Gate when the gate is floating on the water at night and enjoy the illuminated Itsukushima shrine and the gate.

Miyajima Night Cruise

When the tide is low, you can walk down to the Torii Gate.

When the tide is high, part of the Torii Gate is covered in the water, which makes it look like the gate is floating on the water.

Passing through the floating Torii Gate…

If you are staying over on Miyajima Island, I’d definitely recommend you to take the night cruise.

I can assure you, not only will it be beautiful and mystic but also an unforgettable experience to go under the floating Torii Gate.

Or if your hotel is close to Miyajimaguchi station, you could also take an early cruise and then go back to your hotel.

So let’s look at what this cruise will bring for you.

Miyajima Pier 3

Miyajima Pier 3 is next to the ferry terminal that you arrived at from the mainland, Miyajimaguchi(宮島口).

So it’s quite easy to find the place once you are on the island.

The Ticket Counter

The Waiting room at Pier 3

You can buy your tickets at the counter next to waiting room 3 two hours in adavnce.

However, the cruise company recommends you book your tickets in advance during the high season to insure you will have a seat.

The cruise ship with a Japanese traditional look

The inside of the cruise ship

There is a guide on the cruise and he/she gives you a narration on the history of the Itsukushima Shrine and the Torii Gate.

The only disappointing thing was the narration was only in Japanese. It would’ve been better if they had at least an English pamphlet for you to read.

But you don’t need any explanation to be wowed as you approach the Torii Gate.

The current Torii gate is about 70 years old, so it will be completely renovated from 3rd of June, 2019.

Going under the Torii Gate

The boat is going under Torii Gate and it will stop for several minutes so that you can enjoy the view and take pictures.

After 30 minutes of exploring the illusion of the floating gate, you cruise will come to an end.

If you are staying over on the island, I’d definitely recommend you to experience the Miyajima Night Cruise.

General Information :

Price:1600yen for adults, 800yen for children under 13 (kids under 6 is free of charge.)

How to book the tickets : It’s desirable to book your tickets in advance:click here to secure your seats.

If you want to book a ticket on the day, you have to go to the ticket counter at pier 3 to reserve your seat, at least 2 hours in advance.

Duration: 30 minutes.

Departure time: 1st-5:55pm, 2nd-6:35pm, 3rd-7:15pm, 4th-7:55pm, 5th-8:35pm, 6th-9:15pm.

Address:〒739-0588 広島県廿日市市宮島町883F+43 廿日市市、広島県

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