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Live Max Resort Aki Miyajima

If you love a natural onsen with a view or have an issue with your back sleeping on futon, I’d definitely recommend you to stay at Live Max Resort Aki Miyajima Hotel.

Natural onsen with a view of the great Torii Gate

I’ve travelled to Miyajima and spent over 10 nights there. I stayed at Live Max Resort Aki Miyajima 5 nights so far.

One of the main reasons I keep coming back to this hotel is they have a natural onsen overlooking the great Torii Gate.

Wooden bathtub and the torii gate

Soaking in a natural onsen whilst you are enjoying the beauty of the Torii Gate is just amazing and super relaxing.

The natural onsen is open both in the morning and at night, so you can enjoy two different views of the Torii Gate.

I bathed in this onsen with my mates from Spain once. We watched the Torii Gate floating on the sea and had a very relaxing time there.

Look at my instagram post below what this natural onsen looks like .

Very comfortable Simmons mattress

Another reason that I love this hotel is a very comfortable Simmons bed to provide a pleasant sleep after a tiring day on the island.

There are a lot of things to see on Miyajima.

After a long day, especially after you had a hike up to the summit of mount misen or so, it will give you a wonderful sleep.

You can recover much faster on a high-quality Simmons mattress than sleeping on a futon or a so-so bed.

When traveling abroad, having a good sleep is very important to make the most of your limited time, next day.

Location and Access to the main sites

This hotel is in a great location. It’s located at the end of a small slope, and it’s not hard at all to reach.

The hotel is 3 minutes off the main shopping street of Miyajima, and it’s about a 10 minute’s walk from the Miyajima Port.

You can walk to the Senjokaku in 5 minutes and Itsukushima shrine within 10 minutes too.

Most of the restaurants on the island are situated around the main shopping street, so you can access most of the restaurants or famous sites within a 10 minute’s walk.

What room would you like?

There are varieties of rooms from suite to a basic room. Some rooms have a built-in onsen overlooking the great Torii Gate.

For example, I stayed in the room below with a built-in onsen overlooking the great Torii Gate but it wasn’t too expensive.

It was around 26,000 yen a night for two, it’s not too expensive compared to other hotels on Miyajima.

There are Japanese rooms with tatami mattress in which you sleep on futon beds.

If you aren’t comfortable with sleeping on futon beds, make sure you book a room with western beds to get a pleasant sleep and a fast recovery.

Note: Futon is a Japanese thin mattress.It’s very traditional but lots of Japanese people don’t sleep on futon any more as western beds are more comfortable and better for your back.

Breakfast and Dinner

Both breakfast and dinner are served in buffet style.

There are a variety of foods both at breakfast and dinner including breads, rice, salads, fruits, sushi, sashimi, steak and so on.

I wouldn’t say it’s bad. But it’s no different from other hotels.

I usually have only breakfast and skip dinner, and eat out in a restaurant.

If you have enough of hotel foods, I’d recommend you to skip dinner and eat somewhere else on the island.

Onsen and Pool

Not only do they have 3 different in-house onsens including a private onsen to hire at cost, but also they have a courtyard pool that’s open until 9pm between July and the middle of September when it’s warm.

Large public bath on the second floor

There is a large public bath on the second floor. It’s open until 2am at night. There is also a small sauna in this large public bath if you like sauna.

The locker to keep your valuables in

This is the one and only locker for onsens in the second floor, it’s sitting next to the entrance to the pool.

It’s very important to keep in mind that there are no safe or lockers to keep your valuables in the changing room of each onsen.

So if you don’t wanna leave your wallet or smartphone bare in basket like in the picture above, make sure you keep your valuable things in the locker on the second floor.

Service and Bike Rental

You can rent a yukata(=summer kimono) free of charge at the reception. There are also Japanese traditional sandals called Geta to go with yukata.

Yukata and yukata belt called Obi

You can go to onsen or breakfast in this yukata. Some people go to see the Torii Gate in yukata at night when it’s warm outside.

Bike Rental and Karaoke

You can rent a bike whether it’s a city-bike or electric one. If you like to sing on a island of god, you can use the karaoke in the hotel.

According to one hotel staff, it’s the only one karaoke on the island.

Free water, tea and coffer

You don’t really think about it when booking a hotel but if there is a free water, tea or coffee, it’s very nice and helpful.

Amenities in the room

There is a bottle of water for each guest, some tea bags, instant coffee and so on. I forgot to take pictures but there are a plenty of shampoo, comb, conditioner, body soap and so forth.

How is the hotel staff?

Most importantly, hotel staff are very friendly and hospitable.

They speak very good English. So you won’t have an issue communicating or asking about anything you wanna know.

Every time I leave the hotel, I feel like I wanna come back to this hotel again.

In conclusion, if you want to soak in a natural onsen overlooking the great Torii Gate and if you wanna have a great sleep on a Simmons mattress, Live Max Resort Aki Miyajima hotel is a perfect hotel to stay!

General Information

Booking: click the image below to book a room at Live Max Resort Aki Miyajima Hotel.

Address: 〒739-0588 広島県廿日市市宮島町魚之棚町63478XF+FH 廿日市市、広島県

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