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Miyajima Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

Unfortunately, there are no vegetarian restaurants on Miyajima.

I’ve travelled to Miyajima over 7 times. I’ve never come across a single restaurant specialized in vegetarian meals on Miyajima.

However, there are some places that offer vegetarian meals if you know how and where to ask for it.

A lot of Japanese people don’t know the difference between vegetarian, semi-vegetarian and vegan. When they hear the word “vegetarian”, it just means “someone who doesn’t eat meat”.

They don’t think fish has anything to do with vegetarian at all.

Be careful about bonito flake and dashi when asking for a vegetarian meal

Hiroshima dip noodle - semi vegetarian

Take my experience as an example.

I asked one waiter at a cafe if this dip noodle in the pic above, is vegetarian.He said “yes”, so I ordered this dip noodle.

He brought this dip noodle to my table and I dipped the noodle in the sauce and ate it.

I didn’t realize when I looked at this at first.

But, the dipping sauce was actually made with dash/fish stock, so it wasn’t technically vegetarian.

It’s not the waiter’s fault because he didn’t know what vegetarian can eat and can’t eat.

Fortunately, I’m pescatarian and I’m not allergic to fish, so it wasn’t a problem to me.

However, lots of Japanese people don’t pay attention to bonito flake or dashi/fish stock because they are used pretty much in every Japanese dish, and they just don’t think about it.

Keep these bonito flake(鰹節=Katsuo Bushi)and Dashi(fish stock) in mind when asking for vegetarian meals. Make sure if they are not used in the vegetarian dish you are going to order.

In this Miyajima vegetarian restaurants guide, I’ll introduce restaurants on Miyajima that offer vegetarian options and how to order vegetarian meals without a hassle for your specific needs.

1. Daruma-no-Hassho Miyajima Ten(だるまの八昌宮島店)

Okonomiyaki is the Hiroshima’s soul food.

Daruma-no-Hassho Miyajima Ten is a branch of “Hassho” that is one of the most popular Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki restaurants in Hiroshima.

So when in Miyajima, it’s definitely worth trying their okonomiyaki.

Hiroshima style okonomiyaki usually comes with sliced pork or seafood, and it’s cooked on an iron plate with lard(pig’s fat). Not always but it’s very often so.

However, if you ask them to leave the meat or sea food and lard out, they can make a vegetarian Okonomiyaki for you.

Vegetarian Okonomiyaki

When ordering, make sure you tell your waiter to know that you want to have a vegetarian okonomiyaki and ask them to use plant based oil, instead of Lard.

Depending on the extent of your vegetarianism, you can add egg, cheese, kimchi or spring onions as toppings.

How to order a vegetarian okonomiyaki in other restaurants

It’s possible that your server can’t understand your request or your order. In that case, you can try to order in Japanese like these below.

Vegetarian No Okonomiyaki Onegai shimasu, Niku To Sakana Wa Nukide Lard wa Tsukawa nai de shokubutsu abura O Tsukatte Kudasai

Or, you can show these Japanese sentences to your waiter or waitress.


General Information

Address: :〒739-0588 広島県廿日市市宮島町277

How to get there: It’s right behind the Itsukushima Shrine.

It’s about a 5- minute walk from the exit of the Itsukushima Shrine. If you walk up the creek next to the exit in the direction of the mountain, you find the restaurant very soon.

Price range: 1000yen – 2000 yen.

Note: Most of the restaurants on the island close around 6-7PM. So it’s very difficult to find a restaurant open until 8 pm like this restaurant.

After 6 pm, most of tourists leave the island. So the restaurant isn’t so crowded.

It would be advisable to come to this restaurant after 6 or 7 pm if you are staying over on the island.

2. Cafe Lente

The location of Cafe Lente is perfect. As you can see in the picture, you can see both the great Torii Gate and Itsukushima shrine from inside the cafe.

Food Menu at Cafe Lente

There are only 5 dishes in cafe Lente and all of them come with meat apart from “Soy Milk Risotto with red rice and spinach”.

Hiroshima Style Dip Noodle at Cafe Lente (It’s pescatarian when ordered properly)

This Hiroshima Style Dip Noodle usually comes with some bacons. If you ask them to take the bacon out, you can make it pescatarian.

The spicy dipping sauce is made with dash/fish stock.

The only vegetarian dish – Soy Milk Risotto

The only vegetarian meal at Cafe Lente is this soy milk risotto with red rice and spinach.

I double-checked with the owner of this cafe later if this soy milk risotto is vegetarian. And it is for sure vegetarian and even vegan.

They have a good selection of wines, coffee, beer and some cakes.

What a lovely time to enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine while enjoying the beautiful torii gate and Itsukushima shrine.

I’d definitely recommend you to come here if you wanna chill and enjoy a quality time.

General Information

Address: 〒739-0588 広島県廿日市市宮島町北大西町1167−3

Opening hours: 11:00am – 5:00 pm (closed on Wednesday )

Price:1000 yen – 2000 yen

3. Mame Tanuki(まめ狸)

‘Mame Tanuki’ is located in the middle of main shopping street in Miyajima, and it’s on the ground floor of Kinsui-Kan hotel.

This restaurant is open until 10pm(9:30 pm last order) whereas most of other restaurants close at around 7pm on the island.

I’ve eaten at this restaurant a couple of times. I remember I had a great time and great vegetarian meals when I went there with my Spanish friends that are vegetarian.

But this time – June 2019, they had a completely different menu.I didn’t find vegetarian meals I had last year.

Vegetarian Dishes on their menu

  • Vegetarian Curry
  • Organic Salad
  • Premium raw tofu skin
  • Rice
  • a small plate of Japanese pickled vegetables
  • Stir fried seasonal vegetables

Vegetarian Curry at Mame Tanuki

This vegetable curry is in Japanese style. The vegetables on the plate are deep-fried, and they go very well with the salt that came with the curry.

Two different kinds of pickled vegetables, Rakkyo and Fuku-Jin-Dsu-Ke are the must for a Japanese curry.

Vegetable Tempura at Mame Tanuki

There is a vegetable tempura. It usually comes with some seafoods, but I asked the waiter to leave the seafood out and made it vegetarian.

The tempura’s dipping sauce is made with dashi/ fish Stock, so I asked one waiter to bring a salt to eat the vegetable tempura with.

The way they deep-fried the tempura was fantastic, it was perfectly crunchy and fluffy inside at the same time.

I order a bowl of white rice and made it a vegetable tempura set.

Ice Cold Miyajima Beer

To be honest with you, I usually don’t like Japanese beers. But Miyajima beer is completely different. When you are on Miyajima, it’s definitely worth trying this local beer.

According to some reviews on a travel site, if you stay at this hotel, they can make a wonderful vegetarian or even vegan kaiseki meal for you.

General Information

Address: 〒739-0588 広島県廿日市市宮島町1133

Price range: 2000 yen – 3000 yen

I will update new vegetarian restaurants

I love Miyajima and I go to Miyajima at least 3 times a year because it’s somehow a sacred place to me.

So if I find new places offering vegetarian meals when I visit Miyajima next time, I will add them.

Please keep coming back every now and then if you are planning to visit Miyajima in the near future.

If you find any places on Miyajima that offer vegetarian meals, please let us know or share the information in the comment box below, it will be very helpful to make everyone’s stay at Miyajima pleasant!

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