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Mount Misen The Mountain Where God Lives – Miyajima

Hike the sacred mountain of Mt Misen, and experience the breathtaking view of Hiroshima and the Seto Inland Sea, which has been enjoyed for over 1200 years.

In Miyajima, there are two UNESCO world cultural heritage sites : Itsukushima Shrine and Mount Misen.

When you come to Miyajima, I would highly recommend you hike up to the summit of the Mount Misen.

Because there is something you can’t experience by looking at the pictures – something I wouldn’t be able to describe in words.

Mount Misen(弥山) is the highest mountain on Miyajima ( 535 metres above sea levels).

The mountain has been an important destination for religious visitors and worshipped since ancient times.

Mountain Misen has been attracting people from all walks of life for over 1200 years.

In 806, Mount Misen was visited by the great monk Kobo Daishi Kukai, teacher of Shingon Buddhism and founder of the monastic complex at KOYASAN.

Kobo Daishi underwent ascetic practice and opened Mount Misen as a sacred site and it has been worshipped and visited ever since.

Three Different Trails

There are 3 different courses to hike up the mountain: The Momijidani Couse(もみじ谷コース)The Daisho-in course(大聖院コース) and the Omoto Course.(大元コース)

It all takes 1.5hours to 2 hours through any courses.

The easiest and yet rewarding course

In this article, I’d love to recommend the easiest course that includes a cable car and the 30 minutes hike up to the summit of the mountain.

I guess you will have many more destinations to visit during your trip in Japan.

Therefore you may want to save your energy and stamina.

This course would still be a strenuous one but a great exercise to burn the extra calories from Hiroshima’s delicious foods like Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki, oysters and Momiji Manju…..

So Let’s dive into it.

There are signposts everywhere in Miyajim.  It’s difficult to get lost as long as you follow the signs taking you to the right place.

Follow the direction leading to Momijidani Park first.

When you come close to this beautiful Japanese Inn – Iwaso ryokan, one of the best Ryokans in Miyajima where lots of Japanese prime ministers and Emperors stayed over in the past.

Walk up 10 minutes more and then to these steps….

From here, there’s about 100 steps to the ropeway…

Ropeway Ticket Office :

Ropeway Fare :

Return tickets: 1800 Yen for for Adults, 900 yen for kids under 12

One way tickets:1000 yen for adults, 500 yen for kids under 12.

This is your first cable car (that holds up to 6 people)

Get off the cable car and transfer to the bigger cable car holding up to 30 people.

The next cable car to Shishiiwa Station :

If you like to have a better view of the Seto inland sea, I’d recommend you to stay on the left side.

The views from the cable car :

The panoramic view from the big cable car is fantastic and it’s already worth your climb here.

Once you are in the Shishiiwa Station – the last stop of the cable car – please make sure that you have a water with you just in case you get dehydrated along the way to the top.

It’s the last place to buy a bottle of water before the summit.

The second leg of the journey begins here!

When I was here for the first time, it looked like I was entering into a Brazilian jungle…

After lots of ups and down, steep downhill and uphill,  and a number of rocks on the bumpy road for about 20 minutes…

You’ll start to see the last stairs to the station where Reikado Hall(霊火堂) and Miyama Hondo(弥山本堂)are situated.

In Reikado Hall,(霊火堂)there is the Eternal fire that is said to be that Kobo Daishi lit in 806, and the fire has been burning ever since, for over 1200 years.

There are seats on this station, so you are able to have a break here.

If you wanna keep climbing up, it’s only 1o minutes to the summit of Mt. Misen.

Kuguri-Iwa (Duck-Under-Rock)

Duck under and go through the rock, and finally you are out onto the summit of Mount Misen.

Everywhere you look, it’s so picturesque. Everything that comes into your eyes is breathtakingly beautiful.

Itsukushima Shrines at the foot of the mountain and even Hiroshima city are visible when the sky is clear.

Enjoy the panoramic view of the Seto inland sea that has been enjoyed for over 1200 years.

Spend as long as you want and recharge your energy but please don’t forget to hike down to the Shishiiwa Ropeway Station before the last cable car.

Don’t miss the last cable car otherwise…

The last cable car departs at 5:30 pm, so make sure you leave the summit by 4:45pm or so to secure enough time.

If you missed the last cable car, you’d have to walk down on foot in the total darkness, it takes 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Please make sure that you have enough time to catch the last cable car.

General Information :

Ropeway fare

Return ticket:1800 Yen for for Adults, 900 yen for kids under 12

One way tickets: 1000 yen for adults, 500 yen for kids under 12.

Ropeway Operation hours in October

Uphill: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Downhill: 9:20am – 5:30pm

Address: 〒739-0522 広島県廿日市市宮島町 紅葉谷公園

P,S,  If you have any questions on Mount Misen or something else you wanna know about Miyajima, please leave your comments in the box below.

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