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Nakazu Bansho En – The Tradional Japanese Garden in Marugame City

A tranquil but gorgeous Japanese Traditional Garden I didn’t wanna tell anybody…

In most of the week days, “Nakazu Bansho En (中津万象園)” garden isn’t  crowded at all, so you can enjoy the compact yet beautiful garden without being disturbed and have it pretty much all to yourself.

A smaller and calmer version of Ritsurin Garden.

If you love a tranquil, relaxing traditional garden, then it’s the place to come because there are lots of tourists in Ritsurin garden even on weekdays.

Plus you can see flying fishes in the garden in the same way as the past feudal lords(someone like king) enjoyed here…

When was the garden built?

Nakazu Bansho En garden was built by the second feudal lord of the Kyogoku Takatoyo in 1688, who governed Marugame Castle.

The garden is a compact, tranquil, beautiful and well maintained private garden, and it has museums for painting, Middle East potteries, ceramics, glassware and locally crafted traditional fans.

The beautiful entrance welcomes you.

There is a restaurant called “Kaifutei”(懐風亭) on the left, overlooking the garden if you are hungry after you enjoyed the garden.

The garden has lots of different faces

with over 1500 dwarf pine trees and a number of other plants and trees, giving it a perfectly balanced beauty of the castle garden.

Why go to Kyoto if you have vermillion gates here?

There is a small version of vermillion torii gates here like Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto.

A  beautifully trimmed umbrella-shaped giant pine tree called “Ohkasamatsu”.

Adjacent to this tree, there is a tea house where you can have a macha tea along with Japanese traditional sweets.

Sorry forgot to take a picture of the tea house…

There are 8 islands on the pond and you can enjoy a variety of views from different angles from each island.

You have the garden all to yourself.

Don’s miss the moment to see fish jump out of the pond

It was so hard to catch the moment with my camera but you can see fishes jump out of the pond from time to time!

It must have been a  great amusement for past feudal lords of this garden, and you can enjoy the same hobby as the past feudal lords here.

This is an entrance to traditional fan museum and a rest area overlooking the garden and also the Seto inland sea a bit

Kshitigarbha that makes your wish come true!

Put 100 yen donation into the box and pick up any stone you like.

Write your wish down on the stone and throw it onto the stage.

If the stone lands onto the stage successfully without falling down on the ground, it is said that your wish will come true.

For example, I made a wish and my wish came true within a month.

General Information :

Opening hours: 9:30am – 5:00pm (Last entry:4:30pm ) – closed on Wednesday.

Admission price for adults: 700 yen for the garden(including the ceramic museum & fan museum)  +500 yen for the painting museum.

Admission price for children under 16: 300 yen for the garden(including the ceramic museum & fan museum)  +500 yen for the painting museum

Address:〒763-0054 香川県丸亀市中津町25-1 – 中津万象園・丸亀美術館

Benefit: If you rent a bike at a bike rental station near Marugame Station and show the key when buying a ticket, you can get 30% discount.

It’s 15 – 20 minutes away by bike from Marugame Station, so It would be refreshing to bike along the sea to “Nakazu Bansho En”, feeling a gentle sea breeze from the Seto inland sea.

Here is how to rent a bike in Marugame City.

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