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Ferry Time Table for Naoshima and What You Must Know Before Visiting Naoshima 2020.

Naoshima is a remote island in the Seto Inland Sea.

So, if you are traveling to Naoshima for museums, art installations or Setouchi Triennale 2019, you have to take a ferry to Naoshima.

Exploring Naoshima island or its museums might be the best part of your trip, but traveling on ferry to Naoshima island is also an exciting part of the trip.

So, to make the most of your ferry ride to Naoshima comfortably and efficiently, I’ll show you different routes to Naoshima and the time tables for corresponding ferries.

Please feel free to leave your questions in the comment box below if you have any questions about traveling to Naoshima by ferry.

Which route would you take? Uno Route or Takamatsu Route?

There are basically two routes to travel to Naoshima.

The first one is from Uno Port in Okayama prefecture: Uno port is about one hour ride from JR Okayama station by Train.

The second one is from Takamatsu Port in Kagawa prefecture: Takamatsu port is only one hour by train from JR Okayama Station too.

If you take the Takamatsu route, you can go on Great Seto Bridge(Seto-Oh-hashi) and enjoy the ocean view and many small islands from the train.

Prepare some cash before visiting Naoshima

I’d recommend you to prepare some cash as most of ferry companies don’t accept credit card payment or other forms of cashless payment.

There will be many places on Naoshima where you can’t use your credit card too, so cash is king when you visit Naoshima.

It would be pretty much the same on any other islands of Setouchi, so prepare some cash when visiting Setouchi islands.

1: Takamatsu – Naoshima Route Time Table

Boarding piers for the ferry and high speed boat are different. Please ask about your boarding pier at each port.

It takes about 50 minutes from Takamatsu Port to Naoshima, and about one hour from Naoshima back to Takamatsu.

Fare: 520 yen for adults(990 yen for a return), 260 yen for kids(no discount available for a return)

When you take the Takamatsu – Naoshima route, you have to get to Takamatsu port first to take the ferry to Naoshima.

Takamatsu Port is only 5 minute walk from both JR Takamatsu station and Takamatsu bus terminal, it’s very easy to find the Takamatsu port.

Wanna enjoy a local beer or wine, or local snacks on your ferry ride?

There are some beverage vending machines inside the ferry. 

But there are no kiosks selling food. To me, a local, one of the most fun parts of the ferry trip is enjoying local food or local drinks on the ferry with the ocean view.

So, I’d recommend you to pop in either at a 7-Eleven or the local souvenir shop on the ground floor at Maritime Plaza next to the Takamatsu Port to buy some local drinks or snacks.

Where to buy your ferry ticket at Takamatsu Port

Once you arrive at the Takamatsu port, find the terminal 1 where you can buy your tickets and board the ferry to Naoshima.

Ticket Counter for Naoshima

As of May 2019, you can’t use credit card here yet. It’s not cashless payment friendly at all but this is how it is at the moment.

Bring some cash on yourself. If you don’t have cash on you, you can use the ATM at a 7-Eleven near Takamatsu Port, there are two of them: one at maritime plaza and the other one at JR Clement Inn Takamatsu.

Look inside Asahi, the brand-new ship!

The decor is new, and it’s got a sleek design.It would have been better if there was a kiosk selling local delicacies and drinks like Sanuki Udon, Setouchi lemon squash or something very local that you can’t get anywhere else…

You should take side seats facing the ocean! 😉

It’s very nice that the side seats face the ocean. You can enjoy the ocean and lots of remote islands along the way.

Amazing view from the upper deck of the ferry!

When it’s sunny and warm, it’s very nice and refreshing to spend time on the upper deck and enjoy views over some food or even a local beer/wine.

As explained, there is no kiosk on the ferry. So you should buy before getting onboard at the local souvenir shop on the ground floor in Maritime Plaza .

Naoshima, Miyanoura Port

This image above is Miyano-Ura Port on Naoshima.

If you are going back to Takamatsu on the same day, the last ferry departs at 5:00 pm. During public holidays, there will be a super long line.

Please bear that in mind, and make sure you’ll be at the port at least 10 minutes before the departure.

Note: there are two more high speed boats departing after 17:00pm but it costs 1220 yen and it takes 30 minutes.To enjoy the view or the sunset of the Seto Inland Sea fully, I’d recommend you to take the ferry!

Enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful sunset from ferry

It depends on the season you travel. But, if you take the last ferry at 5:00 pm back to Takamatsu Port around early Spring or Autumn, you can enjoy this sunset because the sun starts to set whilst you are on ferry.

I’m very glad I can always enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Japan here in Setouchi Islands.I’d definitely recommend you to enjoy this sunset.

2: Uno – Naoshima Route Time Table

The time marked with(◎) indicates late night boats. Late night fare applies.

Boarding piers for ferry and high speed boat are different.If you don’t know where the pier for high speed boat, please ask at the terminal.

Fare: 300 yen for adults(570 yen for a return), 150 yen for kids(no discount available for a return).

It takes about 20 minutes from Uno Port to Naoshima and vice versa too.

When you take Uno – Naoshima route, there are two different routes to Naoshima: Miyano-ura port(宮浦港) route and Honmura port(本村港) route.

Miyano-Ura port is the main port in the west and Honmura port is a much smaller port for high speed boat in the east.

The terminal at Uno Port to Naoshima

Uno to Naoshima – Honmura(本村港)Route Timetable

Fare: 300 yen for adults(570 yen for a return), 150 yen for kids(no discount available for a return).

It takes about 20 minutes from Naoshima, Honmura port to Uno Port and vice versa.

These timetables on this page are valid as of 2020 January.

If you have any questions about the timetables, please get in touch with me in the comment box below.

I’ll check with the ferry company and give you the answer. I’ll try to get the time tables updated constantly.

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