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Shikoku’s Biggest Theme Park- New Reoma World

Discover how it was at an energetic Japanese resort hotel in 90’s like in New Reoma World.

New Reoma World originally opened its door in 1991 and is the largest theme park in Shikoku and Chugoku Regions.

And it’s also a massive complex including a Hotel, Onsen(hotspring), flower gardens and massive oriental cultural building’s replicas including Angkor dynasty temple, Bhutanese castle and a blue mosque.

The Kagawa locals say it’s a perfect location for a family trip because there are a variety of attractions for different generations.

But, I personally view it as a place where you can enjoy lots of 90’s Japanese attractions, the massive illumination and relax at open air onsen.

If you don’t expect the state-of-the art attractions, this retro, 90’s-esque Japanese amusement park & resort hotel would be a great holiday location to enjoy and relax.

Let’s go through what they have to offer in the entire park.

Oriental Trip

There are marvelously crafted replicas of the Blue Mosque, ancient Thai temple of Angkor dynasty, Tashichho Dzong – Bhutanese parliament in the Oriental Trip area that’s on the hill of a mountain.

A Blue Mosque

No one really knows why these massive replicas of oriental cultural sites are put together in one place.

Angkor Dynasty’s Temple

This Angkor dynasty styled temple was built by the hands of Thai master craftsmen after the original ancient temple in Thailand

3D Project Mapping Show

In the evening, they stage 3D project mapping shows on the walls of the Blue Mosque, it’s very mystic and beautiful.

You can find a massive flower garden in the oriental trip.

Tashichho Dzong – Bhutanese Parliament

There is a 1/2 scaled Bhutanese castle/palace called Tashichho Dzong on a higher hill of the mountain.

There are lots of Buddhistic Tapestries and Buddhistic sculptures in the building. If you like buddhist sculptures, this is a must-come place in Oriental Trip.

Mosque, Temple and Castle…

They have such a bizarre mixture of oriental cultural site’s replicas. It’s usually not crowded at all compared to other areas, so you can enjoy this area undisturbed.

This is my favourite attraction in New Reoma World, which a lot of other visitors miss or underevaluate…

Open Air Onsen in nature – hot springs

One of the highlights of this hotel resort is the open air onsen(hot springs).

You can bath in the onsen until 12pm and also from 5am in the morning. That means you can enjoy sunset and sunrise at the onsen.

There are also indoor onsens and other outdoor areas.

There is also an indoor pool with jacuzzis and they also have an outdoor pool in the summer time.

Reoma-No-Mori Hotel Buffet

When you stay at the hotel, it usually comes with 2 meals: Lunch and Dinner buffets.

Their night buffet is luxurious for an average Japanese family.

You see some people rushing towards new dishes being brought by the hotel staff, it seems to be a bit of an other-worldly scene in contrast to other hotels in Japan.

All You Can Eat Crabs

The day when I went there was rather quiet and good!

When I went there, they served all you can eat Hokkaido Crabs, Sushi, different kinds of Pastas and seasoned rice, a variety of vegetables, Japanese fish dishes, Hokkaido Nabe(hot pot), sashimi(thinly sliced raw fish), breads, steaks, tempura, udon noodle, ice creams, pizza and list goes on and on….

Nigiri Sushi

Different types of veggies

Various Desserts

Ice Cream Machines Kids love!

They even have ice cream machines, kids go crazy about the machines, so did adults.

I was crazy about the machine too!

The Morning Buffet is a bit more modest but you have so many options to choose from. People tend to overeat at dinner, so the hall is a bit quieter the next morning.

In a nutshell, they have pretty much every food an average Japanese family would love.

But, it’s not for organic food lovers, vegetarians or a foodie. Even if you are vegetarian, you can eat some of the meals there but the options are limited.

Theme Park – New Reoma World

The theme park offers 22 rides and attractions, parades, night illuminations, 3D project mapping and a Northern light show in the evening.

The park boasts of night illumination with 2.5 million light bulbs, which is the largest illumination event in Shikoku & Chugoku Regions.

If you expect state-of-the-art attractions like Disneyland or Universal Studios, I wouldn’t recommend you to come here.

But, you can use only the hotel and enjoy bathing in the outdoor onsen, with no need to play in the theme park.

It’s easy to travel to different locations like Kotohira-Gu Shrine and Konpira Grand Kabuki Theatre from this hotel too.

There is even a bus tour from this hotel to Ritsurin Garden and Yashima.

Time travel into 90’s Japan!

This picture above is the roller coaster in the park.

If you expect to explore what a 90’s Japanese amusement park in countryside was like or just want to chill & enjoy the theme park with not-scary-rides, this theme park is a perfect place for you.


They don’t have super scary roller coasters or extreme rides.

I personally don’t like extreme rides, so New Reoma World is a perfect fit for me or for people like me.

General Information

Admission Fee: Click here for the admission fee for the theme park.

If you want to enjoy rides and oriental trip as much as you want, Wide Free Pass lets you get on rides free(not including VR ride area) and enter Oriental Trip.

Hotel Website: Click here for more Hotel infos.

Address: 〒761-2493 香川県丸亀市綾歌町栗熊西40−1

Booking: Check the availability here

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