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Explore Ogijima Island off Takamatsu Port in only 2 hours!

Discover how to enjoy friendly cats, contemporary art installation and one of the best bakeries in Kagawa with a beautiful sunset over the Seto Inland Sea on a remote island in only 2 Hours.

Ogijima island is a lovely tiny remote island north of Takamatsu Port and it takes only 35 minutes by ferry to get there.

The main residential area is located on the hill of a mountain. And the streets are very narrow and steep.

There are only about 160 residents on Ogijima island. But since Ogijima became a venue of Setouchi Triennale art festival in 2010, the island started to attract young families to move there.

Ogijima island has developed a culture to accept new families from different cities, there are many new activities and new business on the island ever since.

So the island has somewhat a welcoming atmosphere for tourists too.

You see younger generation and older generation help each other and live in harmony on this island.

There are some eccentric, interesting cafes, bakery and  restaurants on a tiny island like Ogijima thanks to the new people  who moved to Ogijima with their new ideas and new cultures.

I went there without any specific plan, the only thing I knew was the island is open for outsiders.

Once I arrived in the island,  I had only 2 hours to catch the last ferry back to Takamatsu Port.

So let me introduce how I travelled and what I found on my 2 hour trip on Ogijima island this time.

First, find the ticket counter

First, come to Takamatsu port. And find the ticket counter for the ferry to Ogjima island near pier 1 at Takamatsu Port.

There are 2 other terminal buildings at the port but the counter for Ogijima island is outside near pier 1.

There is a waiting area next to the ticket counter so you can wait there when it’s freezing or too hot outside.

Pier 1 for Ogijima and Megijima islands

Find this spot to board your ferry to Ogijima.

The ferry is called “Meon”, and it travels via Megijima island which is floating next to Ogijima island.

The ferry terminal itself is a contemporary art installation

When you arrive at the Ogijima port, you’ll find a ferry terminal with a bizarre roof.

The roof of the ferry terminal is an installation by a Spanish artist called Jaume Plensa.

The installation is made of 8 different languages in a shape of a seashell according to the artist.

There is a small gift corner and a ticket counter for ferry as well as toilets at this terminal.

Please note: There are not many public toilets on the island. So I’d recommend you to go to the toilet before exploring the island.

The ferry terminal&waiting area in the back

Cats are everywhere on the island

Tourist come her not only for art installations but also cats.

There are cats everywhere on the island and they are so friendly and lovely.

I had one cat sitting on my lap and he didn’t wanna leave my lap. So I had to stay there for about 10 minutes but it was very heart warming to me.

The Torii Gate to Tayotama-Hime Shrine

The main residential area is within the Torii Gate. Doe it mean they are living within the land of god?

Narrow and hilly street on the island

Damonte Shokai Cafe & Bakery

A couple of minutes from the port at the corner of a hilly street, there is a cafe/bakery called “Damonte Shokai”.

Check out their Instagram account – Damonte co

The owner couple travelled all over the world to find the best place to settle and the last and best place they found was here, Ogijima Island.

A sign board for the opening time

Please note: they closed the shop spontaneously very often, please check their website or their instagram account.

The address: 〒760-0091 香川県高松市男木町1916

They speak English, so you can get in touch with them to make sure they are open before you go to Ogijima island.

You usually never expect high standard bakery on a tiny island like Ogijima.

However, their sour dough breads were so crispy on the crust and fluffy on the inside, they serve you olive oil and salt to dip the bread.

It goes so well with a select beer or the fair trade coffee, using beans they imported directly from Columbia, which they found by going to Columbia and taking directly to the coffee farmer.

Breads, beer, coffee and the stunning view on the Seto Inland Sea

Sour dough bread and a bread with chestnuts

I never expected to find one of the best bakeries in Shikoku on a small island like Ogijima.

Fair trade coffee they import directly from Columbia

Not only do they serve fantastic coffee and breads but they also have seasonal cakes, muffins and other sweets.

After you enjoyed the bakery…

it’s also good to walk up to the top of the residential area on the mountain to enjoy the panoramic view.

It’s only 5 minutes to the top of the hill/mountain.

Steep stone steps to Toyotama Hime Shrine

The streets on the residential area is so steep and I’m wondering how strong and study grandpa and grandma on this island are.

Toyotama Hime Shrine

On the summit of the residential area, there is Toyotama hime shrine(豊玉姫神社)

The view from the shrine at sunset

Going downhill is faster because you know the way,  and it takes only 5-7minutes to the ferry terminal at the port.

The inside of the ferry terminal

Fish installations by local kids from the island; there were Christmas trees in the ferry terminal because it was in early December.

They sell Ogijima hard crackers at the tiny gift corner, which is literally super hard. Try them if you want to challenge yourself but do not break your teeth.

I don’t understand why we have so many hard crackers in Kagawa that might break your teeth.

Is it a part of your training in your life?

Don’t miss the last ferry that departs at 5pm

The last ferry departs at 5pm. Don’t miss the last one, otherwise you would be lost on the island and most of the hotels or B&B are closed if you haven’t booked in advance.

You can hire a high-speed ferry but you have to be able to speak Japanese and could break your bank..

This time, I had only 2 hours without any specific plan but I enjoyed the island quite a lot.

I met a grandma on the hilly street and she was very very friendly. We had a chat for 5 minutes or so and she recommend me some places to visit when I come next time to Ogijima Island.

This is an island that makes you wanna come back. I really liked it!

If you have one day free in Takamatsu, I’d definitely recommend you to come to Ogijima island.

General Information

Ferry Fare: 1020 Yen for a round ticket for adults and 520 Yen for a round ticket for kids under 13

Departure Time: The ferry from Ogijima to Takamatsu departs at 7:00 am, 9:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm and 5:00pm.

The Address of Takamatsu Port: 〒760-0019 香川県高松市サンポート8

The Address of Ogijima island: 〒760-0091 香川県高松市男木町

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