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Zero Second From a Deep Blue Ocean, Sea Kayak and Swimming with Dolphin!

I didn’t wanna tell anybody this quiet beach hotel and spa right before the ocean because…

Qua-Park Tsuda is a reasonable hotel with no frills. But, there are a pine forest, white sand beach and deep blue ocean zero second from the hotel.

Every room has a 180 degree ocean view because the hotel is facing the Seto Inland Sea.

The beach at Qua-Park Tsuda has been the most popular beach in Kagawa. It’s usually not crowded apart from the summer time when the beach is open for the public.

But, it’s getting popular little by little, that’s one of the reasons why I don’t wanna tell anybody about this location, otherwise it’ll be more crowded.

There are a lot of things you can do in and around the hotel.

For example, you can:

  • Sea Kayak
  • SUP
  • Bring a yoga mat and do yoga on the white sand beach
  • Enjoy outdoor Spa (with ocean water )
  • Swim in the sea
  • Swim with dolphins at the dolphin center nearby
  • Just read a book or work on your assignment in your room, embraced by the sound of the peaceful ripples.
  • Participate in a Sanuki Udon Work Shop at the hotel

The hotel is a publicly owned hotel called Kokumin Shukusha(国民宿舎)which is for citizens to relax and enjoy a vacation reasonably, so the price is kept reasonable.

Please note: I took theses pictures when I went at the beginning of February.

Let’s get started with the details!

Arriving at Sanuki Tsuda Station

The nearest station from Qua Park Tsuda Hotel is JR Sanuki Tsuda Station.It takes about one hour from JR Takamatsu Station to Sanuki Tsuda by local train.

There are also express trains but one is stopping at Sanuki Tsuda Station but the other one isn’t and you have to change in the middle. So I’d recommend you to take a local train and enjoy the scenery in the countryside.

Don’t miss this station sign!

There is an announcement in the train in Japanese but it’s sometimes hard for a native Japanese speaker to hear what the driver is announcing. So please keep an eye on the station sign so you don’t go past the station.

When you come to Kanzaki station(神崎), which is one station before Sanuki Tsuda, get ready to leave the train.

After you arrive at the Sanuki Tsuda station…

It’s about 15 minutes away by walk from the Sanuki Tsuda Station to Qua Park Tsuda Hotel.

If you tell the hotel staff in advance when you would arrive, they’ll come to pick you up.

A Roadside Rest Area at Tsuda

I usually like to walk to the hotel because you can stop by a roadside rest area that sells local produce, sweets and serves Sanuki Udon in the diner.

It’s nothing speacial, but I always get drawn to the rest area because I like to see local produce and delicacy.

I make a brief stop at this rest area and buy something local. Last time, I bought oranges.

Tsuda No Matsubara – The Pine Forest

A pine forest called Tsuda-No-Matsubara is next to the roadside rest area.

If you walk through the pine forest along the beach, you’ll get straight to the hotel.

Tsuda No Matsubara is a massive pine forest with 3000 pine trees, it’s adjacent to a wide white sand beach and a deep blue ocean.

The famous Japanese painter’s landscape

A famous Japanese Painter called Ikuo Hirayama(平山郁夫) painted the landscape of this pine forest and the ocean right from this position.

A beautiful vermillion bridge

You’ll see this bridge along the way.

The bridge is called “Make a Wish Bridge”. It’s said that if you make a wish while crossing the bridge, your wish will come true.

If you had a time, it wouldn’t be bad to wander around this area after you check in.

A White Sand Beach and Pine Forest

In summer, there are a lot of people on this beach. But in other seasons, it’s relatively empty. So it’d be refreshing to bring a yoga mat and practice some yoga on this beach. Or you can just lie on the beach and unwind.

Qua Park Tsuda Hotel before the beach&Ocean

As you can see in the picture above, the hotel is right in front of the sea and the beach.

Every room has a 180 degree ocean view

It doesn’t matter in which room you are staying, you have this ocean view right in front of your eyes. That’s the point I like most of this hotel.

I’d recommend you to stay on the 3rd floor(2nd floor in western countries)because the view is the best.

Send the hotel your request at the time of the reservation.

It would be very difficult to find a hotel like this standing straight to the ocean.

This is the view from the room

The time you spend in this hotel is very peaceful.

You constantly have the soothing sound of ripples coming and going. As you can see in this picture, the beach and ocean is right in front of your eyes.

Adjacent to the pine forest

The view of the pine forest, beach and the ocean at sunset is breathtaking too.

A typical Japanese room

The room is a typical Japanese room, and they always leave some small local sweets on the table. It’s always nice to try local delicacy

Basic Amenities

You have basic amenities: a plastic cup, razor, tooth brush and tooth paste. you also have a small towel and bath towel.

Yukata are ready for you

There are yukatas in every room, and you can put yourself in Yukata and go to the spa next to the hotel or walk on the beach in the summer if you want.

Self Service Japanese Futon

There are rooms with western beds. But, in most of the rooms at this hotel, you have to pull out Japanese futons from the closet and make a bed by yourself .

If you know how to make a western bed, it’s easy to make a futon bed.

Note: A futon (布団) is the Japanese traditional style of bedding. A complete futon set consists of a mattress and a duvet together with a bed sheet and pillow.

Breakfast at the hotel

At Ryokans – Japanese traditional inns or traditional hotels, they usually serve massive portions of meals. This hotel is no different than that.

So, I usually skip dinner because the portion is massive and put on lots of weight.

When I skip the dinner, I either buy a bento box in a supermarket or go to a Izakaya called Umi Bouzu(海坊主)specified in fish dishes nearby, which serves fresh fish caught in the local sea.

The Izakaya is only a 5 minute walk from the hotel, it’s very reasonable.

At breakfast in the hotel, you can have a steamed rice as much as you want.

All you can eat Sanuki Udon

Kagawa’s speciality is, without a doubt, Sanuki Udon.

The hotel wants to serve you with a bunch of Sanuki Udon.You can eat as much Sanuki Udon as you want in the breakfast.

You can choose either Kake Udon(with Soup)or Bukkake Udon(with dipping sauce).

The restaurant area is also close to the beach

It would be very refreshing to have a walk on the beach right before the hotel after the breakfast to burn some carbs.

Qua Thalassa – The Therapeutic Sea Water Spa

Qua Thalassa – this outside spa is using the ocean water that is being pumped & filtered directly from the sea.

It’s very refreshing and relaxing to bath outside right in front of the ocean to the sound of peaceful ripples. And this is pretty much what I come to this hotel for.

When I was at this spa 2 years ago, there was a full moon in the sky. It was so beautiful and romantic to bath under the the full moon, plus to the sound of calm waves.

The inner area of the Spa

There are a pool, water slider, sauna and many other types of baths in the inside spa zone. They have an English page. Check the detail of the Spa and activities.

You have to wear a swim wear, so make sure you’d bring a swim wear. You can also rent one just in case that you forgot the swimsuit.

A video of sea kayaking at the hotel

Between April and November, you can sea kayak on the sea in front of the hotel.

If you have any questions or there is anything you wanna know, please let me know in the comment section below. I will answer your question by asking them.

What you can do at the hotel.

Thanks to the beautiful ocean, white sand beach, pine forest and Spa, there are a lot of activities you can do.

You can do:

  • Sea Kayak
  • SUP
  • Bring a yoga mat and do yoga on the white sand beach
  • Enjoy outdoor Spa (with ocean water )
  • Swim in the sea in summer
  • Swim with dolphins at the dolphin center nearby
  • Just read a book or work on your assignment in your room, embraced by the sound of the peaceful ripples.
  • Participate in a Sanuki Udon Work Shop at the hotel(tell the hotel in advance if you want to participate in the workshop)

180 degree Ocean view… Zero Second to the beach…

Every time I come here, it feels like I came to a hotel I’ve stayed in on my school trip. So the hotel has a nostalgic feel to it.

The hotel staff are very friendly and helpful. and it isn’t usually that busy. So you can relax here fully and do whatever you would like what this hotel has to offer.

There is nothing too special about this hotel.

But I like every small detail of this hotel and keep coming back to this hotel to enjoy the ocean and spa…

If you wanna experience a quiet coastal town in the Setouchi region and relax not disturbed by hustle bustle of the big city, I’d recommend you to visit Qua Park Tsuda Hotel.

Basic Information

Hotel Booking: Book your room at Qua Park Tsuda Hotel.

Address: 〒769-2402 香川県さぬき市津田町鶴羽

Price range: Starting from 13,000 Yen including breakfast for two persons.

When I stayed at the hotel in the beginning of February, I went there with my partner, we got 2 free tickets for the spa and breakfast was included. It was only 14,000 Yen all inclusive.

I booked the room on a Japanese Website called

I checked on English version but the hotel wasn’t listed as of February 2019.

The price and options seems to be different depending on the website you use. You can’t book dinner when booking on but you can go to the restaurant in the hotel and order some meals there too.

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