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Rent A Bike in Naoshima – keep this in mind for bike rental in advance.

Cycling is so fun, and it’s a great way to explore Naoshima. On bike, you can feel the sea breeze, enjoy the nature closer and get on & off wherever you want.

There is a taxi. But literally, there is only one taxi on the island. The taxi is pre-hired most of times.

There is a town bus service, but it gets completely packed when it’s a busy day like on Japanese public holidays.

If you want to walk on the island, it’s a little bit too far away from one area to another.

So riding a bike on Naoshima gives you a lot of benefits to be mobile and free from worrying about the time to get on a bus.

In this article, I’ll introduce several shops to rent a bike on Naoshima and things you must keep in mind for bike rental on Naoshima.

There aren’t enough bikes for tourists!

When I was in Naoshima this spring, I talked to the owner of a bike rental shop there about renting a bike on Naoshima.

He told me there are about 800 bikes on Naoshima. But there are about 1800 tourists who want to rent a bike on a busy day.

Simply, there aren’t enough bikes for tourists on Naoshima.

He said there are bikes for reservation and bikes for people without reservation, who want to rent a bike on the day.

When it’s a busy day like Japanese public holidays, there are no bikes left available even if you go at 9am. Some people start to line up even at 8:30am for bikes although the shop opens at 9am.

It can get crazy on a busy day! So…

Book a bike before you travel to Naoshima

If you do want to ride a bike on Naoshima and enjoy the sea & nature, I’d recommend you to book a bike in advance to secure your bike before it’s not available for rental anymore.

With that said, let me introduce bike rental shops on Naoshima!

TVC Naoshima Rental

TVC Naoshima Rental is a bike rental shop located opposite of Miyanoura Port. You can find the shop very easily as soon as you land on the port.

They have city bikes, road bikes, electric bikes and even motor bikes depending on your needs and wants.

TVC Naoshima Rental has a branch in the Honmura area where the art house project is held. So you can drop off your bike in Honmura area too and take a bus back to Miyanoura Port.

Price: starting from 500 yen for city bikes to 1500 yen for electric bikes.

Opening Hours: 8:30am – 7:00pm, July – September; 8:30am – 6:00pm Oct -June.

Booking: click here to jump to their facebook page to send them a message for booking.

Website: click here to jump to TVC Naoshima’s website.

Address: 〒761-3110 香川県香川郡直島町宮ノ浦2249−6

OUGIYA Renta Cycle

Ougiya Renta Cycle is a group company and they have a shop, a couple of guesthouses and a bike rental shop on Naoshima. Ougiya is located less than a minute from Miyaunora port.

They have not only bikes but also cars and motor cycles for rental.

Ougiya also runs a couple of guesthouses and a cafe. So if you are staying at one of the Ougiya’s guesthouses, it would be easier to rent a bike from Ougiya Renta Cycle.

They have some art bikes in the form of Kusama Yayoi’s polka dots.

Price: Starting from 330 yen for city bikes. 1100 yen for electric bikes , 1650 yen for motor cycles and 6600 yen for cars per day.

Opening Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm.

Booking: Click here to jump to book your bike from Ougiya Renta Cycle.

Address: 〒761-3110 香川県香川郡直島町宮ノ浦 宮浦4区2249−40

Little Plum

Little Plum is a cafe&bar and youth hostel just under a 5 minutes walk from Miyanoura Port in Naoshima.

I haven’t eaten myself here but some people say they serve a very nice curry and they even have 3 different types of Naoshima beers if you like local beers.

If you are a backpacker and love to interact with other tourists, this place is a perfect place for you because there is a restaurant/bar and a little terrace to interact with other tourists.

Little Plum offers bike rental service and if you rent from other shops, you have to return your bike until 6pm. But here, you can use your bike until 10pm.

Price: 500 yen for gear bikes. 1500 yen for electric bikes(1000 yen if you are staying in the hostel).

Opening Hours: 9:00am – 10:00pm.

Website: click here to jump to their website.

Booking: You have to call to 080-1906-3751 to book a bike in advance.It’s easier to communicate in Japanese but some speak English too!

Address: 〒761-3110 香川県香川郡直島町宮ノ浦22521

There are 2 other shops that offer a bike rental service near Miyanoura Port but they don’t have websites. Luckily, the two shops are located on the same street as TVC Naoshima Rental and Ougiya Renta Cycle.

So if you can’t find a bike from the shops above, you can ask at these two shops for a bike rental.

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