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Setouchi Sunset Cruise 2019 in Takamatsu. May, June, September, October and November

The Sunset Cruise that only the locals know about or maybe even the locals don’t know it exists…

Setouchi Sunset Cruise – (瀬戸内海サンセットクルーズ) – is a 90 minutes cruise around Megijima and Ogijima island.

The boat will stop at the best spot and let you watch breathtaking sunset sinking between two uninhabited islands of Ohzuchi island and Kozuchi island.

I stumbled upon the ad in a weekly local paper

When I was reading a weekly local paper,  I came across an ad for Setouchi sunset cruise. I hadn’t known about this cruise since I started to live in Takamatsu for 3 years.

If I didn’t live in Takamatsu, I would never have found this super-local cruise.

It intrigued me a lot and I decided to participate.

After getting onboard the “taco taco marine taxi”  – Taco means octopus in Japanese –  you will need to put on a life jacket for your safety.

There is an upper deck and an inner cabin.

It was in June when I got on the cruise so it was a humid and hot day, but it started getting chilly once we were out in the ocean. It’s a good idea to take a sweater or light jacket to keep you warm.

First destination is Megijima island…

Megijima is also known as “island of ogre” that appears in the nationally popular folklore tale “Momoraro”. In its tale, Momotaro comes to “Megijima” to beat the ogres into surrendering.

A bronze ogre statue is a symbol of Megijima and welcomes you when you come into Megijima. Next the cruise heads to…

Camp site on Megijima island next to a watch tower. I saw 3 tents and a few university students enjoy their summer over there.

With lots of islands in the background,

Sun finally starts to set …

Cruising around the Ogijima island (男木島)

The good thing about this cruise is you are allowed to bring your own food, beverages and even alcohol so buy anything you like near Takamatsu port before you get on the cruise.

Approaching Ogijima port…

The cruise stopped at the best spot when the sun was sinking over the horizon, it was a good 20 mins of a breathtaking view.

What happens when sun has completely set?

The sun has set completely, so we headed back to Takamatsu port while enjoying the night view of Takamatsu city.

It had been around 90 mins since we departed the port. In the nighttime, it’s much colder and sea breeze gets chillier.

So you are recommended to wear warm clothes.

Approaching Takamatasu Castle, it means the cruise is coming to an end.

Finally, back to Takamatsu port!

Details of Setouchi sunset cruise:

Cruise Fare: 2000 yen for adults / 1000 yen for children under 12.

Duration of the cruise: about 90minutes

Days in operation:

It operates only on Saturdays in early summer and autumn.

  • 25th of May – boarding time 5:50 pm.
  • 1st of June – boarding time 5:50 pm.
  • 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th of June – boarding time 6:10 pm.
  • 6th, 13th, 20th of July – boarding time 6:10 pm.
  • 7th of September – boarding time 5:10 pm.
  • 14h, 21st of September – boarding time  5:00pm.
  • 28th of September – boarding time 4:30pm.
  • 5th, 12th of October – boarding time 4:30pm.
  • 19th, 26th of October – boarding time: 4:10pm.
  • 19th of November – boarding time: 3:55pm, the last cruise in 2019!

*Please remember the cruise takes place only on Saturday.

Boarding spot: Pier 2 at Takamatsu port.

How to book the cruise:
You have to call on 087-802-5720. Monday – Friday to secure your seat or send a reservation email to tacotaco.marinetaxi(at)

But if you don’t speak Japanese, I think it would be nearly impossible to book.

So leave me a comment in the comment section below or on my Instagram account “manyoinjapan“.  I will help you book your seats of course!

If you happen to be in Takamatsu this year on any Saturday in May, June, September, October and November, I’d definitely recommend you to try Setouchi Sunset Cruise!

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