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2019 Summer Festivals and Fireworks in Takamatsu and Kagawa

We love festivals and fireworks in summer whether it’s in Japan or anywhere else in the world.

For travelers, it would be a great opportunity to get to know the culture of the country or city you visit if you experience the festival or fireworks in person there.

Including fireworks, there are lots of summer festivals(Matsuri) and special summer events in Takamatsu and Kagawa.

I’d love to introduce some of the famous summer festivals and events that are taking place during summer in 2019 in Takamatsu and Kagawa.

And I’d love you to experience the dynamics of what Takamatsu summer is like.

Setouchi Summer Night Festival 2019(真夏の夜の夢)

This year, it’s the 6th year that this 2 weeks long festival comes back to Sunport Takamatsu at Takamatsu port.

It’s open from 5pm – 9pm everyday from 20th of July to 4th of August.

Entry is free of charge and there are lots of local food vendors from Japanese, Chinese, Italian pizzeria that won the third place in the Italian pizza championship in Italy to bars offering soft drinks, cocktails and beers.

In addition, there are a lot of performances by a variety of performers and musicians in the festival everyday.

Compagnie Des Quidams from France

Especially, many locals are excited about the main performance by Compagnie Des Quidams from France, and the good thing is they do their show twice every day from 20th – 27th of July.

I’d definitely recommend you to go there and enjoy the taste of Kagawa as well as shows, embraced by the sea breeze at the sea front in Sunport Takamatsu.

Again, the festival is taking place for 2 weeks this summer from 20th of July to 4th of August.

Here is the link to the English pamphlet of Setouchi Summer Night Festival.

Address:〒760-0019 香川県高松市サンポート

Sanuki Takamatsu Matsuri Festival

This is the biggest festival in Kagawa prefecture and it’s taking place for three days, 12nd of August through 14th of August.

There are two main venues: Chuou Koen(中央公園=Central Park) and Sunport Takamatsu that is next to Takamatsu Port.

At Chuoh Koen(Central Park), there are lots of street food stalls out there and toy & play stalls, and you can enjoy some performances going on on the main stage in the park.

I personally have never seen it but there is also a traditional dance on the last day of the festival. Lots of locals participate in this traditional dance in and around Chuo Kouen, the Central Park.

1.Adress of Sunport Takamatsu:〒760-0019 香川県高松市サンポート

2. Address of Central Pack(Chuo Koen):香川県高松市番町1丁目11 高松市立中央公園

Fireworks – Don Don Takamatsu

On the second day of Sanuki Takamatsu Matsuri – Festival(高松まつり) 13th of August, there are massive fireworks shot up in the sky over the Seto Inland Sea.

This firework attracts nearly 300 thousand people each year.

Eight thousand fire works are going to be shot up in the sky. It starts at 8:00 pm and ends roughly at 8:50pm.

This firework event is the biggest one in Kagawa and one of the biggest in Shikoku and Chugoku regions.

Address:〒760-0019 香川県高松市サンポート

You can enjoy the fireworks in a variety of ways.

For example, from Sunport tower – the highest tower in Takamatsu; from Clement Takamatsu Hotel with a direct view at fireworks; by the sea or on a cruise etc.

If you are interested in going on a firework cruise, please click this link to companies that offers a firework cruise.

They are all written in Japanese, so if you’re seriously interested and can’t read Japanese, please contact me and I could help you find one.

Tsushima Shrine Summer Festival

Tsushima shrine summer festival(津島神社夏季大祭)is taking place on 4th and 5th of August in Tsushima shrine.

Tsushima shrine(津島神社) is located on a remote island, and it’s open only for two days a year during this summer festival.

There is a bridge between Tsushima Shrine and the Shikoku island which is about 250 metres long, and this bridge is usually closed apart from this summer festival.

There are a lot of food vendors and even a firework on 4th of August.This festival attracts 50,000 visitors for a small island of Tsushima in a country side.

Tshimano-miya Station(津島ノ宮駅)

The nearest Jr Station is Tsushimano-Miya station. This station is open only for two days during this festival specifically for this summer festival.

If you are lucky enough to be in Kagawa on 4th and 5th of August 2019, it would be a great experience to cross the bridge and experience the festival on the island!

Address:〒767-0031 香川県三豊市三野町大見6PR3+J5 三豊市

Opening Hours: 6:00am – 10:00pm on 4th&5th of August

How to get there: Take Yosan line(予讃線)from JR Takamatsu and get off at Tsushimano-miya station(津島ノ宮), which is open for two days a year.

I’d recommend you to ask at the barrier of JR Takamatsu station which train you should take for Tsushimano-miya station.

Marugame Basara Matsuri Festival & Fireworks

Marugame Basara Matsuri is the second biggest festival in Kagawa after Sanuki Takamatsu Matsuri festival.

Marugame Basara Matsuri(まるがめ婆娑羅まつり )is taking place on 24th&25th of August in Marugame city in Kagawa Prefecture.

Basara Matsuri Fireworks on 24th of Aug

On 24th of August 2019, there are massive fireworks and they will shoot up about 6000 fireworks in the sky over the Seto Inland Sea.

These fireworks attract about 65,000 people each year.

You can see lots of dance performances by locals throughout the 2 day festival, and obviously there are lots of local food vendors as other Japanese festivals too.

There are different festival venues/stages and they are basically around JR Marugame Station: Marugame Castle, shopping arcade in front of JR Marugame station and Sea Port Park called Minato Kouen.

Most of venues are around JR Marugame Station. So as soon as you get off the station, you will find where the festival is!

Address:〒763-0022 香川県丸亀市浜町7QRV+Q5 丸亀市

Days:24th of August(Fireworks)and 25th of august

How to get there: Most of venues are around JR Marugame Station. So, as soon as you get off the station, you will find where the festival is!

Two hotels that have great access to the Takamatsu Summer festivals and Events.

If you haven’t booked a hotel yet, these two hotels are located right next to the Takamatsu Port and JR Takamatsu Station, and have the best access to the firework and festivals.

You can even see fireworks from these hotels.

But, on the firework’s day, these hotels can be fully booked. So you have to book your room as early as possible to secure a room with a direct view on the Seto Inland Sea and enjoy 8000 fireworks in the comfort of your own room.

1:JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu.

If you are looking for a 4-star hotel in Takamatsu, this hotel is the one for you.

They have everything in the hotel. 4 different restaurants, sky lounge bar, massage, bakery and many more .

There is even a beer garden on the terrace in the hotel. It’s one of a few rare four star hotels in Japan, so the service of the hotel is very good.

By clicking this link, you can see more details of JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu.

2:Takamatsu Clement inn

If you are after a reasonable hotel, this hotel is great for you.

Not only is it reasonable to stay at but also it has an in-house onsen overlooking the Seto inland sea and Takamatsu Castle.

You can also enjoy sunset from this onsen/public bath setting in the Seto inland sea.

By clicking this link, you can see more details of Takamatsu Clement Inn.

I hope you enjoy the summer in Takamatsu this year! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box below.

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