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How About Tamanoyu Onsen Before or After Naoshima?

Do you love Onsen and do you want to soak in Onsen overlooking Seto Inland Sea and relax before or after visiting Naoshima?

If yes, I’d definitely recommend you “Tamano-yu Onsen”(bath house)near Uno Port.

You can even enjoy fresh local seafood dishes at the restaurant in the bath house too!

Tamano-Yu onsen is just under a 10 mins walk from Uno Port and 5 minutes from JR Uno station, so you can go to Tamano Yu Onsen on the way to Naoshima.

Getting to Tamano Yu Onsen from the Uno Port or JR Uno Station

Once you arrived at Uno Port(宇野港), it’s only a 10 minutes walk to Tamano yu onsen (bath house).

After you get off the ferry, turn right and walk all the way along the port …. after 5 mins or so, you will find a big Indian female statue below.

If you go from JR Uno Station, you will find the Indian female statue as soon as you get out of the exit.

I don’t know why it’s Indian though…

Across the road, you will find the first gate into Tamano-yo onsen.

Walk up the path and you will start to see the beautiful entrance like this below.

These are the images of the Onsen!

Apart from outdoor onsen with the view of the Seto Inland Sea…

In Tamano yo onsen, you can enjoy:

  • Sauna
  • Indoor onsen
  • Massage
  • Bedrock bath
  • Restaurant with an ocean view serving seafood dishes with local ingredients
  • Rest Space overlooking the ocean

There’s also a spacious rest area where you can have a nap or read manga, and a massage chair room where you can lie on a massage chair and watch TV.

If you are too tired to move anymore, masseurs are waiting for you and they will give you different types of massages, just ask for more details at the counter.

Are you hungry after Onsen?

The great thing is there’s a restaurant inside the bath house, I mean in the same building.

So if you want, you can chill in the onsen and then have a fresh seafood dish, and then go back to onsen and have a nap in the rest area because there are two different nap areas.

You can spend pretty much all day long here. If you like the sea, onsen and seafood, this place is a paradise for you!

The Details of the Tamanoyu Onsen.

Price: 1600 yen including a bath towel, small towel and onsen yukata for adults(1900 yen for weekends and holidays). It’s 650 yen for kids under 12(750 yen for weekends and holidays).

Please note: if you have a tattoo on you, you mightn’t be allowed to enter the onsen. It’s due to Anti-Organized Crime Law in Japan, mainly to stave off yakuza influence at Onsen.

Website: Tamano yu onsen

Address: 〒706-0002
Tamano City Okayama Prefecture Mt. Haruka 1-1-11
Setouchi Onsen “Tama no yu”

Google Map:

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If you have any questions with regard to this trip, please leave a comment in the description box!

Thank you for reading !

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