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Vegetarian Restaurants in Naoshima

If you are Vegetarian or Vegan, read this post to find vegetarian restaurants on Naoshima

Naoshima is called “the island of Art” by the locals and some Japanese tourists.

It’s one of the main venues of Setouchi Triennale, and there are lots of popular art installations and museums on Naoshima.

So you’ve maybe thought about what to see on Naoshima already.

However, have you already thought about where to eat on Naoshima yet?

On Naoshima, it’s difficult to find a good restaurant or cafe…..

Because it’s a remote island and there is much less supply than demand in terms of restaurants and cafes. You find restaurants while you are strolling around Naoshima, but most of the good restaurants are packed and seats are not available…..

This actually happens quite often on Naoshima.

If you are going to Naoshima, it’s better to check where to have lunch or dinner on Naoshima in advance before getting disappointed.

Japan is not a vegetarian-friendly country yet!

It’s very hard to find a vegetarian restaurant in Japan. Especially on a remote island like Naoshima, it’s 10 times harder to find a restaurant or cafe that serves vegetarian meals.

In this article, I focus on restaurants or cafes that serve vegetarian meals on Naoshima.

Aisunao(あいすなお)at Honmura

Aisunao is a very rare vegetarian-friendly restaurant on Naoshima. It’s specialized in serving organic brown rice from Okayama and local vegetarian cuisine.

They have some dishes using fish stocks/dashi but this is the most vegetarian friendly restaurant I’ve seen in Kagawa prefecture so far.

You don’t need to worry about cross-contamination because they don’t use any oil to deep-fry fish or meat and they don’t cut fish either in their kitchen too.

They even have a vegan menu too if you are vegan.

The restaurant was renovated from an 80 years old house. There are a beautiful garden and a terrace, you can eat in the garden too if you like. Check it out when you are in the restaurant.

Setouchi Triennale 2019 Special Lunch

When I went to Aisunao during the Setouchi Triennale 2019 spring session, they had only this special menu for lunch. Of course, it’s vegetarian, and it’s even vegan too without using any dairy products.

This special lunch includes:

  • Organic Enzyme Brown Rice
  • Kagawa’s Regional Cuisine “Goziru” Miso Soup
  • Vegetable Dishes(including pickled cabbage, dried daikon radish, )
  • Tofu with mushroom ankake(starchy sauce)
  • Various beans with linseed oil
  • Dice shaped salty seaweed
  • Soy Milk Pudding

Price: 1000 yen

Aisunao is located in Naoshima’s Honmura district where The Art House Project is ongoing, which began in 1998.

They have a guest house on the opposite side of the restaurant. You can stay at their guesthouse and enjoy their Japanese organic vegetarian breakfast.

Click here to check an available room at Aisunao guest house.

Some people say their dishes taste bland if you are used to a strong, salty taste. But if you are vegetarian, it will be a great experience to try the subtle but profound taste of Japanese vegetarian dishes.

General Information of Aisunao

Address: 〒761-3110 香川県香川郡直島町宮ノ浦761−1

Price: 600 yen – 1300 yen

Opening hours: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm (4:00 pm in winter and closed on Monday)

Apron Cafe(エプロンカフェ)at Honmura

Apron cafe is run by a certified nutritionist and focuses on serving healthy meals using local vegetables and fruits grown on Naoshima.

This cafe is also located in the Honmura district.

The cafe itself has been transformed from an old Japanese house into this lovely cafe.

There is a terrace area and inner living-room dining area.

Apron cafe’s lovely terrace

There are 3-4 tables on the garden terrace. When the weather is good, it’s very nice to sit outside.

I went to this cafe at around 2:30 pm, but the tables were still fully occupied outside. So I decided to go in the dining area inside.

The decor and interior of the cafe

The decor of the cafe is slick and cute. You can see some art pieces hung on the walls(not in the picture).

Chick peas curry & black kernel rice

Wherever you go to Naoshima, you usually find food with meat like in Japan in general.

But I happened to find this cafe serving chick pea curry & black kernel rice together with salad using fresh Naoshima vegetables, and it’s 100% vegetarian.

Pickled carrots sitting next to the rice was mildly sour, and it went very well with the curry.

Black kernel rice is usually more healthy than white or brown rice because it packs more minerals, calcium, zinc and many more nutritients.

Chick pea curry was a little bit spicy, but it went well with the black rice.

The waitress that served us was very friendly and lovely. It makes your experience 10 times as good every time you go to a restaurant with a friendly waitress.

Scorns and amanatsu orange squash

They have an amanatsu orange squash using locally grown amanatsu oranges and several sorts of scorns for dessert. It’s super refreshing and nice to try drinks using local ingredients.

General Information of Apron Cafe

Address: 777 Miyanoura, Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, KAGAWA 7913110

Price: 1100 Yen – 2000 Yen

Opening hours: 11:00am – around 4:00 pm

If both of the restaurants above are closed or there are no seats available…..

You can go to 7-Eleven at Miyanoura port and buy vegetarian Onigiri.

I will update this blog post if I find a new vegetarian restaurant on Naoshima.

If you happen to find other vegetarian meals on Naoshima, it would be great to let me know in the comment box below.

If you have any questions about vegetarian food on Naoshima, please leave your questions in your comment box below too.

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